Timeline: 1940



  • January 5 (Friday). The robot Adam Link comes across his creator, Dr. Charles Link, who lies dead from an accident. The local townsfolk believe Adam murdered his creator, and chase him, shooting at him. Adam eventually gives up, not wanting to hurt anyone. When taken to a local jail, Dr. Link's niece (and Adam's only friend) Nina comes to see him, and she and a reporter work to save Adam from dismantling. The reporter seeks retired attorney Thurman Cutler, who agrees to defend Adam.1
  • January 10 (Wednesday). The judge overseeing the Adam Link case rules in favor of the prosecution, and Adam is ordered to be dismantled. He goes along willingly. As Adam and his entourage approach a street, a girl runs out into the road, unaware of a truck speeding toward her. Adam runs out and pushes the girl out of harm's way, but shatters upon the impact. Adam's execution is considered complete, and his components are remanded to the custody of Nina Link.2
  • February 3 (Saturday). Kent Nelson (36) completes his training and dons the ancient Helmet of Nabu, and becomes the heroic Dr. Fate.
  • February 4 (Sunday). New York policeman Jim Corrigan (40) is slain by gangsters. His soul is bonded to the Spectre, and he becomes a superhero.
  • After weeks of training, Corporal Steven Rogers (23), despite his physical frailty, and chosen due to his true innate goodness, acts as the test subject of the American government's Super-Soldier program. Injected with Dr. Abraham Erskine's super-serum balanced with "Vita-Rays", Steve's physique is dramatically enhanced. An assassin murders Erskine immediately, with Steve unable to stop the culprit.3
  • February 10 (Saturday). Tom Cat (1) first encounters Jerry Mouse (1), playing with him too long, resulting in Jerry getting the upper hand, and Tom getting punished by his owner, Lillian "Mammy" Twoshoes (41).4
  • April 9. German forces invade Denmark and Norway. Denmark surrenders after less than six hours.5
  • May 9. German forces invade Luxembourg, and begin a campaign to conquer the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.6
  • May 10. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain resigns, and is replaced by M.P. Winston Churchill (65).7
  • May 15. The Netherlands surrenders to Germany.8
  • May 17. Donald Duck (19) and Daisy Duck (18) (no relation) begin dating.
  • May 18 (Saturday). The Human Torch, while passing by a circus, watches a boy, Thomas Raymond (11), erupt in flames. A mutant using the stage name Toro, he helps the Torch in facing a criminal encounter at the circus. Toro accepts the Torch's invitation to work as his partner.9
  • May 20. Richard Grey Jr. finds the corpse of United States Senator Thomas Wright. He decides to pose as the much older man to bring his killers to justice, traveling to Washington D.C. Richard dons a skimpy costume and becomes the Black Condor.
  • May 28. Belgium surrenders to Germany.10

Max Eisenhardt is brought to the concentration camp Auschwitz, where he will live out most of the rest of the war. His family would eventually be slaughtered in gas chambers.

  • June 6. At a fair, Allie Hamilton meets Noah Calhoun. Noah, who is enamored with her, jumps onto a moving Ferris wheel, which Allie is riding with another boy. Noah hangs from the wheel, threatening to kill himself unless she agrees to go on a date with him. She does.11
  • June 10. Italy declares war on France and the United Kingdom.12
  • June 10. Norway surrenders to Germany.13
  • June 22. France formally surrenders to the Axis Powers.14

July 7 (Sunday). Johnny Thunder (23) meets and befriends the djinn Yz, and they become partners.
Dinah Drake debuts as the Black Canary.
July 27 (Saturday). Humanoid Anthro Elmer Fudd goes hunting and tries to kill fellow Anthro Bugs Bunny (30). Bugs goes on to harass Fudd for decades as a result.

  • August. Claire Voyant, standing on the grave of her dead sister, is approached by a mysterious demon. It offers her power to avenge her sister's death, but she has to serve as its agent, meting out vengeance against those who fail to pay the demon for its services. She agrees, becoming the Black Widow, and murders her sister's killer.

Nazi-hating tween Syl Pemberton becomes the heroic Star-Spangled Kid, and takes adult Pat Dugan on as his sidekick, Stripesy.
Boxer Ted Grant becomes the heroic Wildcat.
September 7 (Saturday). The German Luftwaffe begins a campaign of bombing London for 57 consecutive nights as part of their terror campaign in the London Blitz.
September 8 (Sunday). Angus MacLeod is killed during the bombing. As a result, teenager Gaven MacLeod lies about his age and enlists in the British Army.

  • September 9 (Monday). Unwitting American journalist Langford "Happy" Terrill (26) travels in an experimental balloon as part of a secret group's schemes. Happy's encounter with the light entity there causes his body to be mutated and able to generate the light himself for a variety of effects. Happy decides to pursue a career as a superhero, choosing the name The Ray.15

October 2 (Wednesday). At a meeting of the Minutemen, The Comedian attempts to rape the Silk Spectre, but is stopped by Hooded Justice.
The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Amy Pond (2010) respond to a call from Winston Churchill to help with their issues with the Daleks. The Daleks are pretending to be robots created by Edwin Bracewell, who turns out to be a robot created by the Daleks. After the Daleks reveal their plan, they are defeated by Edwin's human memories of sexual desire and fighter planes equipped for space travel.

  • October 21 (Monday). The Gargoyle Goliath (57), arriving from the year 1996 via the Phoenix Gate, arrives in London. He meets London Clan members Griff, Una, and Leo (all three 42). When Griff goes out to help the Royal Air Force battle planes of the German Luftwaffe. Goliath finds that he cannot save Griff, who is destined to disappear, and takes him back with him to 1996.16
  • November 5. Incumbent U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt wins an unprecedented third term in office, defeating Republican businessman Wendell Willkie.17

November 9 (Saturday). The Flash and Green Lantern travel to Europe in an attempt to capture German dictator Adolf Hitler. Hitler assaults them with the Spear of Destiny, and uses it to cast a spell over Europe which turns any super-powered hero entering the continent into a slave for the Third Reich.

  • November 9. The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Sandman, the Spectre, Dr. Fate, Hourman, the Atom, Mighty Mouse, and the Black Bat gather together to form a "Justice Society of America".
  • November 15 (Friday). Woody Woodpecker (20) harasses Andy Panda (1) and his dad.18
  • Lucy McGillicuddy and her friend Susie McNamara take a cruise to Havana, Cuba, as part of an attempt to find love. While on the ship they chase musician Rudy Valée. They meet Ethel and Fred Mertz on their long-delayed honeymoon. Upon arrival, they meet a pair of Cuban musicians, Enrique "Ricky" Ricardo and Carlos Garcia. They hit it off, though Lucy and Ricky are not immediately attracted to each other. Having fallen in love in their short time together, Lucy and Susie convince Valée to give Ricky and Carlos jobs in the U.S. Lucy and Susie also spend some time in a Cuban jail.19
  • December 5. Mercenary Eugene Judd (26) seeks the Black Blade of Baghdad. He unwittingly releases the evil Black Razer. Discovering a means of containing the evil sorcerer, Eugene uses the Blade on himself, trapping Razer within Eugene's body and causing Eugene to transform into a little person.

December 29 (Sunday). On the night of a heavy bombardment of London by Nazi forces, Dorian Gray (78) has an encounter with demonic entities posing as the spirits of those he'd wronged in his life. They try to destroy his portrait, but he manages to defeat them.


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