Timeline: 1939



  • February 21. Criminal con artist and talking dog Charlie Barkin (1) escapes from a pound with the help of his friend Itchy Dachshund. He returns to the casino he and his business partner, Carface Caruthers, run. Carface, enraged by Charlie's return, agrees to split the assets with him. After getting Charlie drunk at a Mardi Gras celebration, Carface and his goon arrange for a car to hit Charlie while he waits at the end of a pier. Charlie is killed instantly.1
  • February 24. Charlie Barkin, having escaped Heaven, returns to his friend Itchy. They discover Carface has been holding a human girl who can communicate with animals hostage. They rescue the girl, Anne-Marie, and take her to stay with Charlie.2
  • February 25-28. Charlie Barkin, Itchy Dachshund, and Anne-Marie use her skills to win various gambling prizes. At the first horse race, Anne-Marie meets a childless couple, Harold and Kate Wallet (whose wallet Charlie steals), and at one point stays with them. With the money, Charlie and Itchy construct a new casino. Carface learns of Charlie's survival, and attempts to kill him with one of Flash Gordon's* weapons. Charlie and Anne-Marie encounter a Big-Lipped Alligator, who knows the dog language and befriends Charlie. The watery encounter leads to Anne-Marie getting pneumonia.3
  • March 1. A final confrontation with Carface results in Carface getting eaten by the Big-Lipped Alligator. Charlie Barkin saves Anne-Marie, but loses his soul watch, and dies once again. Anne-Marie and Itchy Dachshund are taken in by the Wallets.4
  • March 4 (Saturday). After spending three days in a hell realm, Charlie Barkin returns to the corporeal plane to say goodbye to Anne-Marie and Itchy Dachshund. He learns that, because of his sacrifice, he will be allowed to return to Heaven. He has a tearful goodbye with the girl, who has been adopted by the Wallets.5
  • April 18 (Tuesday). Dorian Gray (76) reunites with his old friend Dorothy Parker (45). They have a run-in with a murderous Jewish Golem, and then are questioned by the NYPD.6
  • April 22. Al Pratt makes his debut as the Atom.
  • Alan Scott discovers the lantern forged from the Starheart fragment. He dubs himself the Green Lantern, becoming a superhero.
  • Eddie Blake (15) debuts as the vigilante The Comedian.
  • May 11. Victoria Murdock, the murderous Asbestos Lady, attempts revenge against asbestos scientists Nora and Fred Raymond, and arranges for a train they are traveling by to derail. Nora and Fred die in the ensuing fire, but their son, Thomas (9), survives, his mutant heat powers sparing him. He is found by circus folk and taken in.7

At a strange meeting on an island in the Indian Ocean, British spy Fey Truscott-Sade uses a whistle to summon the TARDIS. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Izzy Sinclair (1996) attend the meeting, and face the evil Varney, who has an alliance with an ancient blood-consuming alien monster and its army of monkey slaves. The Doctor defeats it, but lays dying, and Izzy and Fey take him aboard the TARDIS to bring him to Gallifrey.

  • The Sandman recruits orphan Sandy Hawkins as his sidekick, Sandy the Golden Boy.
  • August 1-2. James Henry Trotter (8) accidentally pours a mystical potion on a peach in his aunts' yard. The peach grows to enormous size overnight. James befriends the giant sapient creatures living inside. They get the peach to roll down hill into the English channel, killing James's evil aunts Spiker and Sponge Trotter. The peach takes James along on an adventure.8
  • August 4. Dr. Phineas Horton (44) presents his android creation to a scientific board. The android immediately ignites when its synthetic skin is exposed to oxygen. The scientists entreat the local newspaper (wherein it is dubbed the "Human Torch"), and Horton is bombarded with so many calls, he agrees to have the android buried.9
  • August 5-6. The Horton android bursts free from his underground prison, and causes a great deal of destruction due to his flaming body. He soon gets caught up in a battle against organized crime, and takes down Tony Sardo and his gang. In the process, he learns how to control his ignition. Confronted by the police, he is remanded to Professor Horton's custody, but they soon have a disagreement, and the Torch departs.10 The Torch decides on the human name Jim Hammond.11
  • Namor attacks the surface world as the Sub-Mariner.12
  • August 8. In the northeastern Tanganyika, the lion Scar completes his plan by getting his hyena allies to induce a wildebeest stampede. The lion king, Scar's brother Mufasa (8) and his firstborn cub, Simba, are caught up in it. Mufasa manages to get Simba to safety, but his own attempt to escape is disrupted by Scar, who tosses him into the throng. Mufasa is trampled and killed. Scar convinces the devastated Simba he is responsible, and the cub flees. The hyenas chase him, but give up trying to kill him after a bit.13
  • August 9. The meerkat Timon and the warthog Pumbaa come upon Simba, and take him into their care.14
  • August 12. Farm couple Alma and Gunter Lindstrom adopt Rose Kerklavoner.
  • August 14. Archaeologist Dan Garrett discovers the Reach's Scarab in Egypt, and gains superpowers. He becomes the first Blue Beetle.
  • September 1. German forces invade western Poland as Soviet troops invade the east. This is historically often considered the onset of World War II.15

September 3 (Sunday). Romana (second incarnation), Leela, Narvin, and Torvald arrive on a train in Europe, where Romana meets the rogue Arcadian. She learns that Torvald's first incarnation, as a violent anti-liberal activist, is planning on keeping Sissy Pollard (Charley's sister) from her suicide. Machinations are revealed, as Andred is discovered to have faked his death and regenerated, now posing as a supposedly regenerated Torvald, and the original Torvald had died. Leela is devastated by the lies told by Andred. Torvald's memories are wiped, allowing him to continue onto his destiny. Sissy Pollard is allowed to continue to her destiny, killing herself for realizing what a shallow collaborator she was.

  • September 3. The United Kingdom and France declare war on Germany.16

September 3. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (25) arrive at a woman's college in England. They encounter an Austrian Jewish scientist there, who is using an alien eye to try and weaponize the invisibility it can provide to fight the Nazis. Her colleague, a Nazi sympathizer, attempts to escape with the eye, but dies when her body loses molecular cohesion from overexposure to its energies.

  • Hollis Mason joins the police force.
  • September 23. World renowned psychiatrist Sigmund Freud (83), suffering from terminal cancer, dies via assisted suicide.17
  • September 30. The costumed adventurers Captain Metropolis, The Comedian, Dollar Bill, Hooded Justice, Mothman, Nite Owl, Silhouette, and Silk Spectre found the Minutemen hero team.
  • Sandra Knight debuts as the Phantom Lady.

October 9 (Monday). Archaeologist Carter Hall discovers he is the reincarnated Katar Hol, and becomes the superhero Hawkman. He is soon joined by fellow archaeologist Shiera Saunders, who becomes Hawkgirl. They marry.

  • October 9. Andy Panda is born with much fanfare in a wooded area of Calisota.18
  • October 16. Mike Mouse, fleeing a plague of cats, becomes empowered by a bar of Super Soap. He adopts the heroic persona of Mighty Mouse, and rids Mouseville of their scourge.
  • November 3. Dr. Charles Link brings his robot "Adam" online. It begins the process of learning.19
  • November 11. Sandra Knight's cousin Ted Knight debuts as the Starman.
  • November 24. An airplane, Global Airlines Flight 33 under Captain John Farver, briefly appears in this time after a temporal displacement. After the crew makes brief radio contact with the ground at New York Municipal Airport, the plane climbs back into the sky and reenters the mysterious time warp.20
  • December 5-6. RATS A.I.s arrive in London seeking a Time War weapon that will enhance them. They harass Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill's (65) new assistant Hettie Warner. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) arrives to try and prevent the RATSes from destroying themselves. He fails, but Churchill, Warner, and others are mostly safe.21

* December 25. The Minutemen throw a Christmas party.


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