Timeline: 1938



  • January 10 (Monday). Wesley Dodds debuts as the Sandman.
  • January 22 (Saturday). Jay Garrick (19) is bound to the Speed Force through the inhalation of "heavy water fumes".1
  • February 24 (Thursday). Lee Travis (36) becomes the Crimson Avenger.2
  • March 12 (Saturday). Germany occupies and annexes Austria.3 The Tan Austria (961) moves into Germany's house.
  • River Song, in her New York private eye alias of Melody Malone, is hired by a famous actor to investigate who might want to kill him. Her journey leads her to a Hollywood bigwig who uses the powers of a Weeping Angel to transform young actors into duplicates of a pair of young stars. River stops the cloning situation, as the bigwig accidentally becomes prey to the Angel. The Angel is taken away, and River heads out again to solve the case.4
  • April 3 (Sunday). Rory Williams (2020) is transported to New York from 2012 by a Weeping Angel, and runs into his daughter, River Song. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Amy Pond (2020) arrive there to save him. With the help of River, they track Rory back to a strange hotel, where the Angels farm people by repeatedly sending them back in time. When they see an older Rory die, he and Amy decide to create a paradox by jumping from the roof of the building. The four of them are transported back to 2012.5

Rory Williams, and shortly later Amy Pond, are transported by a Weeping Angel back to New York in this era, they realize they are stranded, and remain in the era.
April 7 (Thursday). Jay Garrick (20) debuts as the Flash. As the first major super-powered superhero of the era, his arrival is considered by many historians the dawn of the historical "M-1" era.

  • May. Rex Tyler debuts as the Hourman.
  • June 7 (Tuesday). A thetan telepathically contacts science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (27) and reveals to him the story of Xenu and the thetans.
  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amelia Pond, Rory Williams, and their friend "Mels" (secretly Melody Pond) arrive, interrupting an attempt by other time travelers to assassinate Adolf Hitler. When Hitler shoots Mels, she regenerates into her "River Song" form, and attempts to assassinate the Doctor. She succeeds, but then uses her regenerations to resuscitate him.6
  • July 13 (Wednesday). Wolfgang von Strucker's () twin children, Andrea and Andreas von Strucker, are born.
  • July 27 (Wednesday). Marion Ravenwood (29) gives birth to a son, Henry Walton Jones III. The child's father is unaware of his existence.

Indiana Jones and friends Marcus Brody and Sallah el-Fahir help find Dr. Henry Jones Sr., and save the Holy Grail from the Nazis.

  • August-September. The former vigilante, Brian O'Brien, the Clock, seizes control of the government of New York state, as part of his fascistic plans to institute order in pursuit of justice. He begins instituting draconian laws and building a personal army, the Black Legion, of criminally-minded allies. These actions result in a number of masked vigilantes, including the Green Hornet and his partner Kato Ikano, the Shadow, the Spider, Miss Fury, the Green Lama, and the Black Terror. The Shadow's associate Margo Lane also assists. O'Brien's protege, District Attorney Tony Quinn, goes to prison in response to the immoral new laws, where he meets the descendant of el Zorro, Rafael Vega. They escape together, fighting the Black Legion, though Quinn finds himself blinded, and yet gaining the ability to see in the dark. He adopts the Black Bat persona, while Vega adopts his ancestor's Zorro persona. During the final confrontation, Quinn faces off against O'Brien, and fails to convince him of the wrongness of his actions. The Shadow shoots O'Brien before he can kill Quinn.7
  • September 24 (Saturday). Porky Pig (23) takes a personal plane in search of the long-extinct dodo bird, and ends up in Wackyland. There he encounters the false dodo Yoyo Dodo (245).8

October 12 (Wednesday). The amnesiac Doctor (eighth incarnation) buys a copy of Fitz Kreiner's journal.
October 13 (Thursday). The vigilante Hooded Justice debuts, stopping a grocery store robbery. This act inspires Hollis Mason.

Superman (1998) and members of AQR13's Legion travel to this point in the Pocket Universe. After a battle with the Time Trapper, this world's Superboy dies after returning to the Legion's future, though most people think he has simply disappeared.

  • October 30. A dramatic presentation of The War of the Worlds on CBS Radio leads to a panic. Shortly after, Orson Welles () helps the Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard () against true alien aggressors.
  • An alien faction, the Red Lectroids of Planet 10, take advantage of the chaos to arrive on Earth at the same time as the broadcast.9
  • Hollis Mason debuts as the heroic Nite Owl.
  • Sally Jupiter debuts as the heroic Silk Spectre.

December 25 (Sunday). The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) meets housewife Madge Arwell.


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