Timeline: 1937



  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) visits Bianca's, a bar that is actually a TARDIS. There, he is reunited with Iris Wildthyme in her drunkest incarnation. They both become pawns in the machinations of Bianca, who is actually a Valeyard-like version of Iris. They defeat an attempted takeover by evil psionic worms.1
  • April 3. Porky Pig (22) proposes marriage to his on-and-off girlfriend Petunia Pig (22). She rejects him, and he attempts suicide. After having a bad dream, he withdraws the offer despite her changing her mind.2
  • April 24. Young mercenary Eugene Judd (22) meets writer Ernest Hemingway (37), just outside Guernica in Spain.
  • April 26. Nationalist forces bomb the city of Guernica in the Basque region of Spain, killing hundreds.3
  • Porky Pig goes out on a duck hunt, and first encounters Daffy Duck (10).4
  • July 2. American pilot Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan, among dozens of others around the world, are abducted to a distant world and placed in suspended animation.5
  • July 31. In Soho, London, pregnant woman Tara Brooks encounters vampire Deacon Frost as she begins to go into labor. He feeds on her, passing the vampiric enzymes into the baby boy as he is born. Tara dies, but the baby, named Eric Brooks, is taken in by a local brothel, where he is raised.
  • Socialite Margo Lane begins working with the vigilante the Shadow!
  • Olga Mesmer sets out to find her mother Margot who left her behind to live underground. Along the way she meets young Rodney Prescott, saving him from killers and imparting her x-ray powers upon him.6


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