Timeline: 1936



  • February. Kit Walker learns of his father, the 20th Phantom, suffering a stabbing. He leaves the United States to travel to the southeast nation of Bangalla, where his father lives. Taking up the mantle of the Phantom himself, he seeks and gets vengeance against his father's murderer, Rama Singh.1
  • February 28. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela visit Carnegie Hall in New York to hear Bronislaw Huberman play his Stradivarius violin. It is stolen, and the Doctor and Leela take off in the TARDIS in an attempt to recover it.2
  • March 16. The creature Eugene the Jeep manifests in reality through extra-dimensional cells passing through the dimensional barriers and combining with dog DNA. It comes to live with the sailor Popeye (41).
  • April 1. In Spain, the bull Ferdinando (2) accidentally sits on a bee, and is stung, and thrashes around. His rampage is noticed by scouts for bullfighting, who decide he is perfect for their celebrations.3
  • April 4 (Saturday). Ferdinando is released into the bullfighting arena, and promptly ignores the matador so as to smell the flowers of the female spectators' hats. Ferdinando's life is spared, and he is allowed to return to the ranch and continue smelling flowers.4
  • April 11 (Saturday). Blondie (25) and Dagwood Bumstead's (26) second child, Cookie Bumstead, is born.5
  • May 28 (Thursday). Addams family butler Lurch (84) accidentally gets his hand severed. Sam Dracula (3303) uses a spell to try and restore the hand, but instead causes the hand to become animated, and Lurch to grow a new one. Gomez Addams names the hand Thing T. Thing, and they are fast friends.
  • June 10 (Wednesday). Nancette "Nanny" Twoshoes opens her day care center for Muppet children. Eight children are dropped off: Kermit the Frog (2), Miss Piggy (3), Fozzie Bear (2), Gonzo the Great (3), Rowlf the Puppy (3), Scooter Grosse (2), Skeeter Grosse (2), and the Monster Animal.6
  • June 21 (Sunday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (56) visit Brighton, and meet the Cheeky Chappie himself, Max Miller (41). Together they face a deadly alien presence.7
  • September. Indiana Jones (37) teams up with ex-lover Marion Ravenwood (27) and friend Sallah el-Kahir (38), stopping the Nazis from procuring the Ark of the Covenant. The opening of the Ark results in a number of the Nazis being melted.8
  • October 1 (Thursday). Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, six months late on their rent, panic as Sheriff Pete Pete arrives, and lets them know he will be evicting them and selling off their belongings. Mickey and Donald desperately try to get their stuff out, and enlist the aid of their friend Goofy Goof, who is delivering ice. Goofy has a fight with a piano, while Donald fights a plunger. Pete catches wind of the shenanigans, and lights a match in front of an open gas line, causing an explosion. Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and all the belongings are shot into Goofy's car, and they drive off, while Pete is stuck in a bathtub.9
  • November 3 (Tuesday). President Franklin Roosevelt (54) wins reelection to the United States presidency, defeating Republican Kansas Governor Alf London.10
  • November 5 (Thursday). Charley Pollard (2024) finds herself in a wooded area with crazed women on the verge of madness. She eventually discovers that they are a lost expedition where the men were turned into monsters by one of the Viyrans' viruses. She returns to the Ever-and-Ever Prolixity to escape.11
  • November 5. Charlotte Pollard finds herself stuck in a nether realm. Through a seance, she materializes in the home of her parents in England. After a tumultuous reunion, Richard and Louisa Pollard accept their daughter's miraculous return after believing her dead for so long. Their happiness is disrupted by Viyran agents, who threaten the Pollards. Charley surrenders to them, and returns to the future. The Viyrans not only wipe the Pollards' memories of the encounter, but they erase Charley's existence from her parents' minds.12
  • Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Jo Jones (61/2010) visit Hollywood, and discover a celebrity who turns her husbands into monsters using another relic Iris left behind. The adventure is complicated by the appearance of the Doctor (eighth incarnation).13
  • November 12 (Thursday). Popeye is reunited with his father, Poopdeck Pappy (85).
  • November 26-28 (Thursday-Saturday). The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (24) accidentally leave Harry Sullivan (30) behind in this era. Harry finds himself investigating werewolves with the eighth Doctor. The fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane come back and save him, but not until after he is bitten by a werewolf.14


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