Timeline: 1935



  • February 1 (Wednesday). Four-year-old James Trotter is orphaned when his parents are eaten by a mutated man-eating rhinoceros. The boy is sent to live with two horrible women, Spiker and Sponge, who claim to be his aunts.1
  • Wan Li (9) meets Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. (35) after trying to pickpocket him. Jones gives the kid the nickname "Short Round".
  • March 29-April 1 (Friday-Monday). A Tokyo couple has their niece, Setsuko Kuwano (20), a young woman with Western tastes, come for a visit. She helps her uncle fake a golf trip (unsuccessfully), and though conflict between the couple ensues, her help gets them to reconcile and have a night of passion.2
  • Millionaire heir Jethro Dumont returns to the United States after ten years in Tibet, and decides to take up crime-fighting as the Green Lama.
  • May 13 (Monday). Camp Crystal Lake is founded in Suffolk County, New Jersey.
  • May 25-28. Margaret Rainier (40) returns to her former home in Devon for some time away from her husband/business partner Charles Rainier (44), and to embark on a trip to South America. While she is away, Charles travels to Melbridge to settle a strike. In the strike's aftermath, the revelry in the streets begins to jostle his long hidden memories. His mind reconstructing things, he travels to the Devon home he once lived in as Smithy, and finally comes to his old home, using the key he's held onto for 15 years to open its door. At that moment, Margaret appears, and calls out to Smithy, and he remembers her as Paula, and embraces and kisses her, his memories fully restored.3
  • June 6 (Thursday). On the last day of school in Los Angeles, the Our Gang kids learn that their teacher Miss Jones is being replaced by a Mrs. Wilson after she gets married and won't be able to work. They scheme to disrupt a wedding dinner by having Spanky McFarland (6) and Alfalfa Switzer (7) dress as an adult man, and later ruin Miss Jones's pasta. They learn that Miss Jones is marrying a man named Wilson, and he actually is allowing her to work after all, so they won't lose anything. They feel forced to eat the ruined pasta.4
  • After getting a message from his "eleventh" self, the eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard (19) visit this time in order to investigate warnings of enemy aliens. Charley becomes entangled with an English Nazi sympathizer. Charley and the Doctor, after many split-ups, defeat both the sympathizer and an attempted alien invasion.5
  • July. Indiana Jones (36), Short Round, and singer Willie Scott escape Shanghai, and become embroiled in an adventure wherein they defeat a Thugee cult in India, freeing the many child slaves, including the mind-controlled Zalim Singh, ruler of the princely state of Pankot under the British Raj.6
  • Wan Li is legally adopted by Dr. Henry Jones Jr., and sent to a boarding school in the United States.
  • September 30 (Monday). The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (24), and Victoria Waterfield (14) arrives in the Himalayas in Tibet. They run across Professor Edward Travers and a group of monks, and face off against the Great Intelligence and its android Yeti enforcers. They also briefly meet a real Yeti.7
  • December 31 (Tuesday). After several mad short films are produced starring the Warner Bros. Yakko (13), Wakko (10), and Dot (8), the three zany animal-things are locked away for the first time in a water tower on Warner Bros.' studio lot.8


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