Timeline: 1934



  • January 7. When the planet Mongo creates atmospheric disturbances that threaten Earth, insane rocket scientist Hans Zarkov (44) abducts sports star Steven "Flash" Gordon (25) and aspiring journalist/travel agent Dale Arden (24), from a commercial airplane, forcing them to accompany him on his experimental rocket. The ship crashes, and Zarkov is believed killed. Captured by the Mongo emperor Ming the Merciless's (50) forces, Flash and Dale manage to escape after harrowing adventures.1
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (34), and Hex Schofield (25) visit Alaska, and encounter a mental hospital with a dark secret, that their only real patient is an alien sleeper agent struggling to maintain his humanity. Sadly, he dies stopping his own people.2
  • April 7. Smokey Bear (1) is orphaned during a forest wildfire.
  • April 22. Flash Gordon and Dale Arden are reunited with Professor Hans Zarkov, who has come to his senses, and becomes their ally. They soon meet King Vultan (43) of the Hawk Men of Mongo.3
  • May 12. Adolf Hitler (45) visits a hotel, and encounters insane bellboy Johann Shmidt (35). Seeing the madness in the man's eyes, Hitler decides to recruit him to his side.
  • July 4. Nobel Prize-winning physicist and chemist Marie Curie (66) dies from aplastic anemia due to extensive radiation exposure.4
  • October 29. Destitute widow Mary Worth (62) begins selling apples. She soon becomes known as Apple Mary, and begins giving advice to others.
  • December 9. After Don Karnage's (36) theft of an experimental electric generator from Shere Khan (), his protégé Kit Cloudkicker (12) steals it himself. The pirates chase Kit to a tiny island bar run by the orangutan Louie. Kit tags along with pilot Baloo, and after evading the pirates, Baloo invites him on as a navigator.5
  • December 10. The bank seizes Baloo's business, and sells it and his plane (the Sea Duck) to Rebecca Cunningham (30), who renames the business Higher for Hire and hires Kit Cloudkicker and Baloo as her flight crew, and Wildcat Ratchet (26) as her staff mechanic. She introduces her employees to her daughter Molly (6). Their first shipment is attacked by pirates again, and Kit reveals his past to Baloo.6
  • December 11 (Tuesday). Don Karnage's pirates abduct Rebecca and Molly Cunningham. Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker go to their rescue. In order to save the lives of his friends, Kit feigns betraying them. A despondent Baloo buys back the Sea Duck and departs. Don Karnage begins using the recovered electric generator to power a lightning gun and attack Cape Suzette with it. Kit betrays Karnage, and is saved by Baloo. Baloo, Kit, and Rebecca stop Karnage's rampage by destroying the lightning gun and sacrificing the Sea Duck. Karnage's forces are driven out of Cape Suzette.7 [[/footnote]]
  • December 18. Rebecca Cunningham reveals the rebuilt Sea Duck, and reopens Higher for Hire with the same flight crew.8 [[/footnote]]


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