Timeline: 1933



  • January 7 (Saturday). On his 17th birthday, Harry Smith Jr.'s father takes him to a Mexican prostitute, who takes his virginity.1
  • January 30 (Monday). Adolf Hitler is installed as Chancellor of Germany.2
  • February 17 (Friday). After a long courtship, Blondie Boopadoop (22) and Dagwood Bumstead (23) finally marry.3
  • February 21 (Tuesday). Kellogg's Company hires the triplet Keeblers Snap, Crackle, and Pop (all 85) as mascots for its Rice Krispies cereal.
  • March 4 (Saturday). Franklin Roosevelt (51) is sworn in as thirty-second President of the United States.4
  • The chained gorilla-like kaiju, King Kong, escapes his captivity, and runs amok in New York City. He abducts the human woman Ann Darrow, and scales the Empire State Building. At its top, he is shot at by several airplanes. Destroying one, he eventually succumbs to his wounds, and plummets to the ground below, where he dies, with Darrow at his side.5
  • July 24 (Tuesday). A newborn baby is left at the doorstep of Popeye the Sailor. He dubs the child Swee'pea, and decides to take him in as his own son.
  • Atticus Finch, a white Alabaman lawyer, is assigned as defender of Tom Robinson, a local black man falsely accused of raping a white woman.6
  • August 4 (Friday). When Betty Boop sees an evacuation by various forest animals, she follows their backtrail to meet the Old Man of the Mountain, who tries to rape her. The animals stop him.7
  • August 17 (Thursday). Popeye formally names Swee'pea Scooner Georgia Washenting Christiffer Columbia Daniel Boom.
  • Millionaire Oliver Warbucks (52) decides to adopt a child, and takes in orphan girl Annie Smith (11). He and his secretary, Grace Farrell, are enraptured by the girl, who brings along her new dog Sandy, and together they impress President Franklin Roosevelt and stop Bolsheviks and Annie's evil orphanage mistress.
  • September 29. Popeye arrives in a seaside Mexican town, where Olive Oyl has taken up a job dancing in a bar. While there, Bluto Brutus comes to assault Olive, but she and Popeye beat him up.8
  • The orphan bear Kit (11) joins Don Karnage's air pirates. Kit takes on the last name "Cloudkicker".
  • December 10-12 (Sunday-Tuesday). Popeye encounters his old nemesis, the Sea Hag, finding her having enslaved the Goons of Goon Island. He helps the female Goon Alice (47) liberate them. Alice returns to Sweethaven with Popeye.
  • December 17-20. Having completed a successful case in Syria, international detective Hercule Poirot (61) travels to Istanbul. Shortly after arrival, Poirot receives a message from London asking for his immediate assistance there. He books a ride of the Orient Express train to Paris. A man named Samuel Ratchett also comes aboard, and learning of Poirot's fame as a detective, asks him to work as a bodyguard. Poirot rejects the request. In the middle of the night on Poirot's second evening aboard the Orient Express, Ratchett is murdered; stabbed twelve times. Hercule Poirot agrees to conduct the investigation, which is hampered by the train being stuck in Yugoslavia by snow. Poirot interviews each of the passengers on the first class car, and finds a confusing scenario where everyone seems to have an alibi. Poirot discovers many inconsistencies, and eventually puts the entire plot together. Thirteen people conspired to murder Ratchett (whose real name is Cassetti), who is revealed to be the ringleader in the kidnapping and murder of the child Daisy Armstrong three years prior, that led to the deaths of Daisy's parents and the suicide of the child's nursemaid. The thirteen conspirators were all closely connected to the Armstrong family, and plotted Ratchett's death so they could each (save one) in turn stab him as a sort-of makeshift jury, as he had escaped justice. The conspirators confess, but Poirot offers an alternative explanation for the murder: a lone perpetrator who escaped at an earlier point in the journey.9


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