Timeline: 1932



  • January 16. Betty Boop, working in a circus, is attacked and nearly sexually assaulted by the ringmaster. Koko the Clown comes to her rescue, beating up the ringmaster.1
  • March. Days before her wedding to Charles Rainier, Kitty Cheltice calls it off after seeing that Charles can never love her fully due to his missing three years.2
  • Betty Boop runs away from home after she refuses to eat vegetables. Her boyfriend, the dog Bimbo, joins her. They run into a cave, and encounter numerous ghosts, including a ghost walrus who is dancing to Cab Calloway's song "Minnie the Moocher".3
  • Aviation fan Carl Fredericksen meets fellow fan Ellie Docter.4
  • May 25. Charles Rainier, newly elected Member of Parliament, marries his chief advisor and assistant, Margaret Hanson. They had previously agreed to do so as to aid in his political career, and her own. Margaret does so despite the fact that Charles is her beloved husband John "Smithy" Smith, who has no memories of her or their life together.5
  • June 6. George Bailey and Mary Hatch wed.
  • July 8. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) visits the town of Cromer, England. He meets Fenella Wibbsey, the alien Hornet-possessed curator of the Cromer House of Curios. While helping a young dancer named Ernestina Stott repel possession by the Hornets and their enchanted shoes, he frees Mrs. Wibbsey, and takes her to 2009.6
  • August 17. Wan Li's family is killed during the Japanese invasion of Shanghai.
  • September 25. Popeye is reunited with his old Navy buddy, Bluto Brutus. Bluto begins to vie for the affections of Olive Oyl.
  • October. The Doctor and Susan arrive in Berlin, and attend a scientific conference. The Doctor is kidnapped due to the Roman gold he used to exchange for marks. Susan is eventually brought to her grandfather, and the two escape.7
  • October 29 (Saturday). The Unsinkable Molly Brown (65) dies.8
  • November 8 (Tuesday). Democratic candidate New York Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected President of the United States, defeating sitting President Herbert Hoover.9
  • December 16-22. While in British Honduras, Dr. Harry Smith is abducted by the Mayan god Kukulcan, to serve as his bride. His teenage son Harry Jr. comes to his father's rescue.10
  • December 17 (Saturday). Herbert Wyndham takes a newborn calf, and genetically alters it into a hyper-intelligent humanoid. He names the new infant monstrosity Bova Ayrshire.
  • December 25 (Sunday). The Time Lord Baloo, fleeing the Family of Blood, arrives in this time period in the Anthro city of Cape Suzette. Activating his chameleon arch, reality is warped so as to give him the memories of being a pilot, as his TARDIS is transformed into a Conwing L-16 amphibious airplane, with a loan with the bank set up to pay for his own plane. Baloo names it the Sea Duck. The stowaway King Louie is set up to run a bar on an atoll in the Pacific near Cape Suzette. The Sea Duck further takes the hide of the slain Shere Khan and resurrects him, transforming him into a businessman and head of his own corporation.11


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