Timeline: 1931



  • March 4 (Wednesday). Minnie Mouse (29) gives her dog Rover (3) to her boyfriend Mickey Mouse (30). Mickey renames him Pluto after the newly discovered (dwarf) planet.
  • March 12. Ingrid Kerkavoner dies giving birth to a daughter, soon to be named Rose.
  • The elephant child Babar escapes a hunter after his mother's slaying. He escapes to a large city.1
  • The heroic creature Ōgon Bat from ancient Atlantis awakens in modern day. He begins to act as a hero in the land of Japan.
  • October 4 (Sunday). Mobsters break into Emil Trueheart's home and steal $1000, murder him, and abduct his daughter Tess. Tess's boyfriend Dick Tracy (30) is recruited by the police and given an immediate position as plain-clothes detective. Tracy tracks down the criminals, kills them, and saves Tess.2
  • October 17 (Saturday). Chicago gangster Al Capone (32) is convicted of tax evasion.3
  • October 18 (Sunday). Thomas Edison (84) dies from complications due to diabetes.4
  • Late November. A pair of immortals living in Miami go to a theater to see the new film Frankenstein (an adaptation of the fictionalized events of Dr. Victor Frankenstein's life), their powers waning. They find themselves the victims of a hate crime, as the two appear to be an interracial couple. The man of the pair gets a severe blow to the head. After the man, separated from his wife due to their races, comes to he shows signs of a type of personal amnesia, but his powers have begun to return due to separation from his wife. The wife departs, hoping for him to find happiness apart. At one point, someone asks the man for his "John Hancock", and the man takes this on as his name.5


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