Timeline: 1929



  • January 10-12. Cub reporter Paul Tintin of Le Petit Vingtième travels to the Soviet Union with his dog Snowy to investigate Joseph Stalin. He gets pulled into political intrigue with the Soviets as a target of the OGPU and is nearly killed but escapes by faking his death at a firing squad.1
  • February 15. Paul Tintin travels to the Belgian Congo, where with he becomes caught up in an internecine dispute between two local tribes.2
  • On Earth, the Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana relax in their haven from the Black Guardian, until Romana is pursued by an idiot nobleman who wants to make her his wife. This pulls her into the web of his Auntie, who wants to take over her body. Together with the Doctor, they defeat Auntie.3
  • February 28. Teenager Norma Massett gives birth to a son, Dylan Massett. Her husband, John Massett, believes Dylan is his, but in actuality, the child is that of Norma's rapist brother Caleb Calhoun.
  • March 4 (Monday). Herbert Hoover (54) is sworn in as the thirty-first President of the United States.4
  • The fourth Doctor and Romana vacation on the French Riviera, and hobnob with the snobs. A bunch of thefts hint at an alien incursion, where an intelligence from Saiph takes control of people by their possessions. The creature is defeated.5
  • September 7. The animated short subject film Steamboat Itchy is released, featuring the first meeting of animated characters Itchy and Scratchy.
  • In Derry, Maine, a number of the men of the town arm themselves and massacre the members of the Bradley criminal gang. The creature It is on-hand, as this is the beginning of Its cycle of feeding.6
  • October 29 (Tuesday). The U.S. Stock Market crashes, and the world enters the Great Depression.7
  • Speakeasy maitre d' "Blinky" Madison meets optometrist Morris Ungar, who helps him with his vision problems. Ungar takes up Madison's offer to visit his place of work, and is incensed by seeing a bribe. He calls the police later, but as the police are accomplices, he is set up for a hit. Madison is ordered to kill Ungar, but he finds he cannot. They are saved by young federal agent Eliot Ness (), who is undercover as a hitman. In the aftermath, the Madison and Ungar families stay in a hotel until they can relocate. The two families' sons, Felix and Oscar (both 7) briefly meet.8
  • December 10 (Tuesday). Frederick Abberline () dies.9


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