Timeline: 1927



  • May 23. An ancient evil sorcerer, trapped in a nether realm, breaks loose by taking over the body of magician Drekan Drache. He adopts the new identity Felix Faust.
  • August 8 (Monday). Dorian Gray visits an old friend, Evan Morgan, for a party. There he encounters the evil Alexander Korvo, who summons demons to possess Evan's fiancee Pamela St. John-Edwards, and try to use her to destroy a book in Evan's possession, a volume of The History of the Earth. Korvo and Pamela end up dead.1
  • August 10 (Wednesday). At the funeral of Alexander Korvo, Dorian Gray has a brief run-in with Sherlock Holmes (73).2
  • September 12. The hair-based creature Itt is conjured into existence.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (27), driving a commuter trolley filled with his many children, has to deal with many issues, including an ornery cow, to get through his route.3
  • Hoping to make it in Hollywood, Goofy Goof (27) adopts the stage name Dippy Dawg.
  • October 6. Amy "Jane" Wells (60) dies.


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