Timeline: 1925-1926



  • June 11 (Thursday). The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka arrive in England and the Doctor plays some cricket. They are pulled into a murder mystery, and Nyssa meets a woman who strongly resembles her.1 Ace McShane, on a quest for a piece of the Key to Time, steals one of the Doctor's cricket balls.2
  • October 21 (Wednesday). In Sussex, England, the mutant boy Christopher Robin unconsciously uses his vast powers to animate some of his stuffed animals, including Edward Bear (a bear), Piglet (a piglet), Tigger (a tiger), Eeyore (a donkey), Kanga (a kangaroo), and Roo (a kangaroo joey).
  • October 22. The stuffed animals travel to nearby Ashford Woods and take up residence. There they meet a rabbit, owl, and gopher, whose intelligence is lifted to the level of the stuffed animals. They adopt the names Rabbit, Owl, and Gopher.


  • January 2. Christopher Robin changes Edward Bear's name to Winnie the Pooh, after a bear in the London Zoo.
  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) visits Hollywood, where he meets young actress Emily Winter (19) and her friend, studio runner Matthew Finnegan (18). They face alien movie makers who are stealing creative essence from artists, and Emily is one of the victims. Emily and Matthew ask to join the Doctor as companions, but he refuses, when the Shadow Proclamation shows up, and takes him away for trial.6The Doctor returns moments later, and invites Emily and Matthew aboard after all.7
  • May 19-31. Wendy Sweet (33) feels Peter Pan is in danger, and gathers her brothers to try and help him. After conjuring the fairy Fireflyer, she, John (30), Tootles (57), Slightly (60), Curly (60), and the Twins (58) use fairy dust and their children's clothes to turn into children and travel to Never Never Land. There they find Peter (60) transforming into a new Captain Hook as part of a plot by a secretly surviving Hook (92) to get revenge. Hook is ultimately defeated, and Wendy and the former Lost Boys return to London and resume their grown-up lives.8
  • June 17 (Thursday). An elderly man dies in a forest. An infant is formed from the remains, and is found by Ann and Eric MacLeod in Aberdeen, Scotland. They adopt him and name him Gaven MacLeod.
  • When the Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace, and Hex arrive in Paris, they find that the many famous artists of this time are absent. They find another Time Lord, the oft-drunk Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and her cyborg companion Panda, seemingly up to shenanigans. Hex briefly meets an out-of-sorts Salvador Dalí, and also poses nude for Iris and her artist friends. The Doctor comes to believe Iris is the culprit behind the artists' absence, but learns in actuality, an alien resembling a surrealist painting, Dora Muse, has been siphoning off artistic skill to feed, and Iris has been working to protect the artists. With Muse defeated, the artists return to Paris.9
  • September. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace () set up a speakeasy in Chicago. They become friends and allies with private detective Tom Dekker. Over several weeks, they meet Al Capone (27) and try and foster a peace amongst the gangs, but their efforts are made more difficult by the demonic Agonal, the Doctor's true target. After successfully defeating Agonal in other time periods, the Doctor leaves his joint to Dekker, who celebrates by bedding Ace.10
  • October 31 (Sunday). Harry Houdini (52) dies from a ruptured appendix.11
  • December. The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (), and Hex Schofield () arrive in Switzerland. They face the Celestial Toymaker. The Doctor's convoluted scheme (giving himself amnesia) initially backfires, but the Toymaker is ultimately defeated.12
  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Donna Noble () visit a house in England, and encounter the author Agatha Christie (). They also face a murder mystery, with the perpetrator eventually being discovered to be a giant wasp alien/human hybrid. The "Vespiform" drowns, but Agatha Christie gets a bout of amnesia as a result.13
  • December 24-January 2 1927. Nun Amanda Krueger (Sister Mary Helena) (19) is accidentally locked in a ward for the criminally insane at the Hathaway House in Springwood, Ohio. Kept there over the holidays by the inmates in secret, she is raped dozens of times, and barely survives the ordeal. She ends up pregnant.14
  • December 31-January 1. While visiting Calcutta, the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (), Tegan Jovanka (), and Vislor Turlough () are pulled into the machinations of a thief and team up with a weretiger. Nyssa is infected with weretiger disease, and for a time begins mutating. Confronting the weretiger's evil brother, they defeat him, though the weretiger dies. A woman is reunited with her wild child son. The experience leaves Nyssa with her youth restored.15


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