Timeline: 1925-1901 BCE


1921 BCE

  • The idiot Jacob (25), having completed his seven years of service, marries his cousin Leah, thinking she is Rachel. After having sex with her, he realizes she was the wrong cousin, and complains to Laban. Laban allows him to marry Rachel after all, but Jacob has to agree to another seven years service.

1920 BCE

  • Leah and Jacob's (26) first child, Reuben, is born. Rachel, in order to have a child by proxy with Jacob, gives her servant Bilhah as a sex slave to Jacob.

1919 BCE

  • Jacob's (27) second child, Dan, is born via sex slave Bilhah. Leah gives birth to Jacob's third child, Simeon.

1918 BCE

  • Leah gives birth to Jacob's (28) fourth child, Levi.

1917 BCE

  • Leah gives birth to Jacob's (29) fifth child, Judah (September 8). Jacob's sixth child, Naphtali, is born via sex slave Bilhah. Unable to get pregnant after a week, Leah gives her servant Zilpah over to Jacob as another sex slave.

1916 BCE

  • Jacob's (30) seventh child, Gad, is born via his sex slave Zilpah. Shortly after, his eighth child, Issachar, is born via Leah.
  • Other births: Yoda (May 25)

1915 BCE

  • Jacob's ninth child, Asher, is born via sex slave Zilpah, and later his tenth, Zebulun, through Leah.
  • December 18. Rachel and Jacob's first son to be born of Rachel's body, Joseph, and Joseph's eleventh overall, is born.

1914 BCE

  • Jacob's (32) final two children are born. Dinah, his only daughter, is born via Leah (December 7). Benjamin, twelfth son and thirteenth overall, is born via Rachel.

1911 BCE

  • The Titan Prometheus, previously an ally of Zeus, delivers fire to some humans, earning Zeus's ire. As a result, Zeus has him chained up and tortured.
  • August 15. Angry at the humans for Prometheus's betrayal, Zeus entreats Hephaestus to forge a human woman from clay. This woman, Pandora, whose creation is contributed to by many of the gods, is given a jar full of plague to hold onto, and given to Epimetheus, Prometheus's brother. Pandora then opens the jar, spreading chaos.

1909 BCE

1908 BCE

  • Jacob (38) decides to leave his father-in-law's service and return home. They have disputes over magical sheep breeding.

1906 BCE

  • Jacob (40) meets Yahweh and they have a wrestling contest. Despite Yahweh fighting dirty and hitting him in the testicles, Yahweh gives in. Yahweh gives Jacob a new nickname, Israel.

Jacob is reunited with Esau (40). Esau forgives him, and the two part amicably.
The young man Shechem rapes Dinah (8). Somehow falling in love with her, he entreats his father to arrange a marriage. Dinah's vengeful brothers Reuben (14) and Simeon (13) agree to allow the marriage if Shechem, his father, and court agree to get circumcised. They do. As they are all recovering from the circumcision, the boys murder every single man of Shechem's household in vengeance for their sister.

1903 BCE

  • Jacob's (43) favorite wife Rachel dies.


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