Timeline: 1921-1925





  • April 20 (Friday). While on an expedition in a jungle, "Pitfall" Harry Smith (27) encounters many obstacles.6
  • June 9 (Saturday). The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) and Clara Oswald (30/2017) arrive at a cafe in Paris. They happen to confront two other incarnations of the Doctor, the "tenth" and "eleventh", who are accompanied by their respective companions of the time, Gabby Gonzalez (19/2014) and Alice Obiefune (25/2014). An alternate future version of Gabby appears, having been transported by a Weeping Angel in a comic book, and warns them not to go to Marinus, lest an alternate evil future twelfth Doctor take over all space-time. She fades out of existence, and the Doctors and companions go to Marinus anyway. Upon completion of their task, they return, and the Doctors lose their memories and depart with their companions after briefly seeing the "ninth" Doctor and Rose Tyler (20/2006) at the same cafe.7
  • August 2 (Thursday). U.S. President Warren G. Harding () suddenly dies. Vice President Calvin Coolidge () is sworn in as thirtieth President of the United States.
  • September 14 (Friday). During a championship match, heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey is knocked out of the ring by his opponent Luis Firpo. On the same day, in a much lesser known bout, Mickey Goldmill (17) knocks his opponent, Ginny Russell, out of that ring.8
  • Other births: Robert Jebediah Freeman (January 27), Maximus Boltagon (February 6), Thumper (February 26), Edward Leo Peter McMahon Jr. (March 6), Bambi (March 16), Etta Candy (April 1), Jack Mort (April 23), Walter Eugene O'Reilly (May 24), Janice Grizzly (July 26), Bruce Quint (August 9), a gopher (September 4), Quincy Berenstain (September 29), Veronica Lodge (November 16), Reginald Mantle (December 4)


  • The deer Bambi's mother is killed by a hunter.
  • February 3. Former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson () dies from complications due to a stroke.
  • March 21. Mason "Mace" Malone disappears with a fortune in stolen jewels to become a full-time member of the Illuminati.
  • July 8 (Tuesday). The Alden children, already motherless, suffer another loss when their father dies of alcohol poisoning, leaving them orphans. Older siblings Henry (14) and Jessie (12) decide to run from potential splitting up or child slavery, escaping into the night along with their younger siblings Violet (10) and Benny (7).9
  • July 10 (Wednesday). The Alden children discover a derelict train boxcar, and move into it as a makeshift home.10
  • August 10 (Sunday). The Alden children's grandfather, James Henry Alden, finally reveals he is their grandfather, and takes them into his home.11
  • November 4 (Tuesday). Incumbent U.S. President Calvin Coolidge () defeats Democratic candidate Ambassador John Davis and Progressive candidate Wisconsin Senator Robert La Follette in the United States presidential election.
  • Births: Ernie Pantusso (January 19), Bea Jay Hunnicutt (February 6), Lavinia Smith (March 19), Edward Morgan Blake (April 7), Henry Warnimont (May 3)12, Archibald Andrews (May 14), George Herbert Walker Bush (June 12), Elizabeth Cooper (June 19), William Burnside (June 23), Jesse Donald Knotts (July 21), Ding-A-Ling Wolf (August 31), Forsythe Pendleton Jones III (September 4), James Earl Carter Jr. (October 1), Roy Hinkley Jr. (November 10), a rabbit (December 31)



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