Timeline: 1921-1922



  • Arkham Asylum is founded in Gotham City, New York.
  • May 31-June 1. In the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, white malcontents begin rioting, rampaging through the Black neighborhood and killing hundreds.1 Ruth and O.B. Williams send their son, Will, away to hopeful safety, but his transport is attacked as well, and Will ends up alone with an infant. The Williamses die in the pogrom, leaving Will ends up an orphan.
  • Summer. Baby John Smith Jr. dies. His mother, Paula Smith, is very sick at the time, and his father John Smith, has been missing for many months.2
  • August 21. Christopher Robin receives a teddy bear for his first birthday. His parents name it Edward.3


  • While traveling in the Belgian Congo, novice sorcerer Leon Mandrake encounters a group of Kongo royalty. Young nobleman Lothar decides to join Mandrake on his travels.
  • June 26 (Monday). A white family traveling through Mongolia is ambushed by raiders. After the child Richard Grey Jr.'s parents are killed, a group of semi-Anthro condors take the boy in, and expose him to radiation in hopes of giving him the power to fly.
  • November. Rose Tyler (19) is briefly displaced to this time by the machinations of the Bygone Horde. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) meets up with her, and forges a link with Adam Mitchell in 2012 to return that era.6


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