Timeline: 1921-1922



  • Arkham Asylum is founded in Gotham City, New York.
  • Summer. Baby John Smith Jr. dies. His mother, Paula Smith, is very sick at the time, and his father John Smith, has been missing for many months.1
  • August 21. Christopher Robin receives a teddy bear for his first birthday. His parents name it Edward.2


  • While traveling in the Belgian Congo, novice sorcerer Leon Mandrake encounters a group of Kongo royalty. Young nobleman Lothar decides to join Mandrake on his travels.
  • June 26 (Monday). A white family traveling through Mongolia is ambushed by raiders. After the child Richard Grey Jr.'s parents are killed, a group of semi-Anthro condors take the boy in, and expose him to radiation in hopes of giving him the power to fly.
  • November. Rose Tyler (19) is briefly displaced to this time by the machinations of the Bygone Horde. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) meets up with her, and forges a link with Adam Mitchell in 2012 to return that era.5


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