Timeline: 1919-1920



  • January 6. Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt (60) dies from a blood clot in his lungs.1
  • January 17. A mutant green Who is born in the Microverse world of Whoville. Adopted by a pair of Who sisters, they name him The Grinch.
  • January 30. George Bailey (12) saves his brother Harry from drowning in a frozen river. As a result, George gets permanent damage in his left ear.2
  • May 20. George Bailey (13) prevents his boss, the druggist Gower, from accidentally poisoning a customer.3
  • May 24. Harold Teen (15) begins frequenting Pop Jenks's Sugar Bowl soda shop with his new girlfriend Lillums Lovewell.
  • Chester Lampwick releases an animated short film, Manhattan Madness, featuring a psychotic mouse named Itchy.
  • The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot arrive in Tashkent. The Doctor poses for a time as a Soviet official in order to better investigate the disappearance of several children. Eventually discovering an alien creature that wants to protect the children, Zoe lets the creature take the children to prevent further suffering.
  • December. Randolph Carter (46) and friend Harley Warren visit the Big Cypress Swamp in Florida. They find a stairway into the depths, and Warren demands Carter remain behind. Over time, Warren encounters an ancient evil, and warns Carter away. After Warren is consumed by the evil, the evil itself speaks to Carter, who loses consciousness and parts of the memory of the event. He is soon picked up by police and questioned in Warren's disappearance.4


  • The Doctor, Steven Taylor, and Sara Kingdom briefly appear in Hollywood, California, and interrupt some filming production.
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka once again fail to arrive at Heathrow, and instead appear in New York City, the TARDIS having been called by the Doctor's old friend Harry Houdini. The four of them are split up for a time, with the Master (Tremas possession) having manipulated Houdini into betraying the Doctor. Harry redeems himself, and the Master is defeated, but their friendship is over.
  • October 31-November 2. Dorian Gray returns to Edinburgh in hopes of reuniting with James Anderson. Their reunion is difficult, as James refuses to believe his dead love is alive again. Dorian, meeting body thief Brodie, allows him to temporarily switch bodies. In this new, frail body, Dorian convinces James, but realizes that Brodie plans on keeping Dorian's body for himself. Dorian and James confront Brodie, and force him to use the soul key to switch them back. James decides to leave Dorian behind for good.5
  • November 6 (Saturday). In Devon, Paula (26) and John Smith's (29) son, John Smith Jr. is born.6
  • November 14 (Sunday). John "Smithy" Smith travels to Liverpool for a job interview. While crossing the street, he slips in a puddle and is knocked unconscious by the impact with an automobile. When he comes to, his memories of the last three years --his entire life as "Smithy"-- is forgotten, and he once again remembers he is Charles Rainier, with his last memories from the battlefields in France. He finds the key to his home in Devon, but does not recall to where it goes. He heads home to Random Hall, where he learns his father has died.7
  • November 15 (Monday). Charles Rainier reunites with his many siblings, and learns of his inheritance of the family home. He meets his sister's stepdaughter Kitty Chilcet, who immediately gets a crush on him.8


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