Timeline: 1916-1920



  • January 7 (Friday). Harry Smith (20) becomes a father as his son and namesake, Harold Smith, Jr. is born.
  • April 2 (Sunday). German zeppelins bombard Edinburgh, Scotland. Simultaneously, Dorian Gray (53) and his lover James Anderson are in town.1
  • In a trench in France, a group of British soldiers are gassed. Among them are Dorian Gray and James Anderson. With only one mask available, Dorian places the mask on a wounded James's face, and he dies from the gas. James is evacuated before Dorian revives, and comes to believe that Dorian died for him.2
  • November 7 (Tuesday). Incumbent President Woodrow Wilson (59) wins reelection against Republican candidate Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes.3
  • November 18 (Saturday). After receiving a five pound fine for stealing a police constable's helmet after an all night binge, idle rich idiot Bertie Wooster (24) returns to his London home. Reginald Jeeves (40) arrives there shortly after, having been sent there to serve as his new valet. Jeeves comes up with a concoction that snaps Bertie to his senses. Later that day, Bertie visits his Aunt Agatha Gregson (66), who tries to set him up with a wife.4
  • November 22 (Wednesday). Jack London (40) dies.5
  • December 28 (Thursday). The Doctor (third incarnation), Liz Shaw (30), and Jo Grant (24) (both 1973) arrive in St. Petersburg, Russia, and become guests of the Czarina (44).6
  • December 30 (Saturday). Grigori Rasputin (47) is murdered by a group of assassins including Felix Yusupov (29). The Doctor, Liz Shaw, and Jo Grant are pulled into the conspiracy surrounding the event.7
  • Other births: Ralph Kramden (February 26), Kit Walker (April 28), Steven Rogers (June 13), Alan Ladd Wellington Scott (October 2), Marion Kelp (November 8)


  • March 15 (Thursday). A revolution led by Vladimir Lenin results in the overthrow of the Russian monarchy, and the abdication of Czar Nicholas II.8
  • May. The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Peri Brown (18), and Erimem (19) visit Mt. Everest for a cricket match. Erimem is manipulated by ancient principalities, and nearly dies in an avalanche. The creatures are defeated.9
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (31), and Hex Schofield (23) arrive in France during the Great War. Housed amongst a group of soldiers, they are pulled into a murder mystery involving a strange prophecy of their arrival. They uncover the CO has been creating a treatment that enhances hatred to turn the soldiers into killers, and that he was an agent of The Forge.10
  • August 4 (Saturday). German pilot Wilhelm Klink (22) crashes his plane. Aboard is the famous Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen (25).
  • British Army Major Charles Rainier (26), in a trench in northern France, is the lone survivor of his troop after a gas attack. He wanders out of the trenches in a fugue state, and is picked up by German forces. When questioned, he has no memory of his past life and can barely speak.11
  • Births: Patrick Dugan (January 7), Benjamin Alden (May 23), John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29), Franklin Delano Marion Burns (June 17), Mifune Daisuke (June 20), John Thunder (July 7), Phyllis Ada Driver (July 17), Perry Mason (July 31), Rocket Jumpingjack Squirrel (September 18), Rodolfo Guzman Huerta (September 23), Gorgon (December 19)


  • April 10 (Wednesday). Dinah Drake is born in the United States.
  • Commander Schultz of the Tomainian military barely survives a plane crash on the day Tomainia, a minor ally of Germany and Austria-Hungary, surrenders to the Allied Powers. He credits a Jewish private for saving him. The private is injured in the crash, and begins suffering a debilitating case of amnesia.12

April 19 (Friday). Elizabeth Masen's dying wish is to save her son Edward (17), similarly dying from the Spanish flu. Her doctor, vampire Carlisle Cullen, accedes to her wishes, and sires the boy into a vampire. He adopts him as his own son as well.
April 21 (Sunday). The infamous Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen (25), is shot down and apparently killed over the Morlancourt mountain range in France.
May 19 (Sunday). Michael Darling (17) commits suicide alongside his friend and secret lover Rupert. His family is told he died on a training mission.
June 21 (Friday). Shell shocked British soldier Tommy Brockless is taken by Torchwood agents and placed in suspended animation. At the same time, his future version from 2008 arrives through a temporal rift and resumes his life.
July 10 (Wednesday). Tommy Brockless is shot for cowardice by the British Army, as he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • July 17 (Wednesday). The former Czar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra (45), and their entire family are executed by firing squad.13 A confluence of bizarre energies causes Princess Anastasia Romanova's (17) soul, at the moment of her death, to enter a cycle of reincarnation.

September 29 (Sunday). Bulgaria surrenders to the Allies.
October 28 (Monday). The Republic of Czechoslovakia is declared in the Austro-Hungarian possessions of Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia. The Tans Slovakia (918) and Czechia (570) agree to share independence, but there is a dispute between the two over whether to use a hyphen in the name of their joint land.
October 30 (Wednesday). The Ottoman Empire surrenders to the Allies.
October 31 (Thursday). The Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolves.
October 31. The Tans Austria and Hungary divorce.
November 3 (Sunday). Austria surrenders to the Allies.
November 10-11 (Sunday-Monday). The Doctor (eighth incarnation) gets drawn into an adventure involving Viyran agents trying to control a plague. He is reunited with Molly O'Sullivan, whose eyes turn dark again, when he returns to his home on Baker Street. The Viyrans kill each other, causing the transmission of the original plague in the first place. Molly rejoins the Doctor on his travels.

  • November 11 (Monday). World War I ends with the surrender of Germany.14
  • November 11. "John Smith" (the amnesiac Charles Rainer [27]) leaves the Melbridge Asylum, desperate to leave that place of damaged men. He wanders into town, and is engulfed in the sudden crowd of revelers learning of the armistice. A young stage performer, Paula Ridgeway (24), sees the frightened Smith, who is beginning to suffer from a sudden bout of the flu. She helps him escape from a tobacco shop where the proprietor has pegged him as an asylum escapee. She takes him to see her show, where he collapses from illness. She takes him to her home, where she begins to nurse him back to health. Learning of his situation, she soon finds she feels obligated to protect him.15
  • November. Paula Ridgeway, now very protective of "Smithy", whom she is getting to open up to her, leaves her stage career and travels to Devon to help him stay free, as she believes he will be unable to survive at the asylum. Her travel is complicated by her at first believing Smithy might have hurt her friend, but later learns her friend was injured by accident.16
  • Births: Gregory Sanders (March 27), Jason Peter Garrick (April 3), Franklin John Rock (April 24), Edward Lillywhite Norton (November 4), Gladstone Gander (November 11)


  • January 6 (Monday). Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt (60) dies from a blood clot in his lungs.17
  • January 17 (Friday). A mutant green Who is born in the Microverse world of Whoville. Adopted by a pair of Who sisters, they name him The Grinch.
  • January 30 (Thursday). George Bailey (12) saves his brother Harry from drowning in a frozen river. As a result, George gets permanent damage in his left ear.18

May 17 (Saturday). An owl hatches in the Ashford Woods, Sussex, England, United Kingdom.

  • May 20 (Tuesday). George Bailey (13) prevents his boss, the druggist Gower, from accidentally poisoning a customer.19

May 24 (Saturday). Harold Teen (15) begins frequenting Pop Jenks's Sugar Bowl soda shop with his new girlfriend Lillums Lovewell.
Chester Lampwick released an animated short film, Manhattan Madness, featuring a psychotic mouse named Itchy.
August 1 (Friday). Danette Reilly is born in the United States.
The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (26), and Zoe Heriot (20/2079) arrive in Tashkent. The Doctor poses for a time as a Soviet official in order to better investigate the disappearance of several children. Eventually discovering an alien creature that wants to protect the children, Zoe lets the creature take the children to prevent further suffering.
October 23 (Thursday). Eugene Harold Krabs is born to Betsy Krabs in Bikini Bottom, Calisota.


  • The Doctor, Steven Taylor (27), and Sara Kingdom (30) briefly appear in Hollywood, California, and interrupt some filming production.
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Adric (16), Nyssa (20), and Tegan Jovanka (20) once again fail to arrive at Heathrow, and instead appear in New York City, the TARDIS having been called by the Doctor's old friend Harry Houdini (56). The four of them are split up for a time, with the Master (Tremas possession) having manipulated Houdini into betraying the Doctor. Harry redeems himself, and the Master is defeated, but their friendship is over.

August 27 (Friday). Roger Rabbit is born in Calisota. Unbeknownst to him, his father is Bugs Bunny (10).
September 6 (Monday). Beatrice Jane Evans is born in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

  • October 31-November 2 (Sunday-Tuesday). Dorian Gray (57) returns to Edinburgh in hopes of reuniting with James Anderson. Their reunion is difficult, as James refuses to believe his dead love is alive again. Dorian, meeting body thief Brodie, allows him to temporarily switch bodies. In this new, frail body, Dorian convinces James, but realizes that Brodie plans on keeping Dorian's body for himself. Dorian and James confront Brodie, and force him to use the soul key to switch them back. James decides to leave Dorian behind for good.21
  • November 2 (Tuesday). Republican candidate Ohio Senator Warren G. Harding (55) defeats Democratic candidate Ohio Governor James Cox in the United States presidential election.22
  • November 6 (Saturday). In Devon, Paula (26) and John Smith's (29) son, John Smith Jr. is born.23
  • November 14 (Sunday). John "Smithy" Smith travels to Liverpool for a job interview. While crossing the street, he slips in a puddle and is knocked unconscious by the impact with an automobile. When he comes to, his memories of the last three years --his entire life as "Smithy"-- is forgotten, and he once again remembers he is Charles Rainier, with his last memories from the battlefields in France. He finds the key to his home in Devon, but does not recall to where it goes. He heads home to Random Hall, where he learns his father has died.24 [[/footnote]]
  • November 15 (Monday). Charles Rainier reunites with his many siblings, and learns of his inheritance of the family home. He meets his sister's stepdaughter Kitty Chilcet, who immediately gets a crush on him.25
  • Births: Sheldon James Plankton (January 1), Helen Neal (January 20), Blackagar Boltagon (March 6), Namor (March 8), Jessica Drew (April 8), Jerome Louis (April 10), Jesse Duke (May 11), Phil Ken Sebben (May 13), Woody Woodpecker (May 21), twins Della Thelma Duck and Donald Fauntleroy Duck (June 13), Robert Frank (June 28), Aquaria Nautica Neptunia (August 12), Christopher Robin Milne (August 21), Sally Juspeczyk (August 31), Kenneth Hale (September 19), Margaret Houlihan (November 4)



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