Timeline: 1915-1916



  • May. The TARDIS materializes on a British submarine, and the Doctor (fifth incarnation) steps out, and meets the Siren of Time Helen, who manipulates him into altering the timeline by preventing the sinking of the Lusitania. After a trip to 6784 Gallifrey and a team-up with his sixth and seventh incarnations, the timeline is restored.1
  • May 7 (Friday). The RMS Lusitania is sunk by a German submarine.2
  • Jeremy Carstairs and Lady Jennifer Buckingham are among a number of British and German military taken from this time by the War Chief and his War Lord allies. The survivors, including Carstairs and Buckingham, are eventually returned to this time with their memories wiped by the Time Lords. The Doctor (second incarnation) visits this era to ensure that the victims of the War Games fiasco are returned to their proper place, and he gets caught up in events involving the Players.3
  • June 15 (Tuesday). Construction of Thomas the Tank Engine is completed on the island of Sodor. Like the majority of vehicles on Sodor, it comes to life fully sapient.
  • July 4 (Sunday). John Clayton IV is born to Jane (25) and John (Tarzan) Clayton III (24) in German East Africa.
  • November 3 (Wednesday). Big Bill Thompson () wins the race for Mayor of the city of Chicago.4


  • April 2 (Sunday). German zeppelins bombard Edinburgh, Scotland. Simultaneously, Dorian Gray (53) and his lover James Anderson are in town.5
  • In a trench in France, a group of British soldiers are gassed. Among them are Dorian Gray and James Anderson. With only one mask available, Dorian places the mask on a wounded James's face, and he dies from the gas. James is evacuated before Dorian revives, and comes to believe that Dorian died for him.6
  • November 18 (Saturday). After receiving a five pound fine for stealing a police constable's helmet after an all night binge, idle rich idiot Bertie Wooster (24) returns to his London home. Reginald Jeeves (40) arrives there shortly after, having been sent there to serve as his new valet. Jeeves comes up with a concoction that snaps Bertie to his senses. Later that day, Bertie visits his Aunt Agatha Gregson (66), who tries to set him up with a wife.7
  • November 22 (Wednesday). Jack London (40) dies.8
  • December 28 (Thursday). The Doctor (third incarnation), Liz Shaw (30), and Jo Grant (24) (both 1973) arrive in St. Petersburg, Russia, and become guests of the Czarina (44).9
  • December 30 (Saturday). Grigori Rasputin (47) is murdered by a group of assassins including Felix Yusupov (29). The Doctor, Liz Shaw, and Jo Grant are pulled into the conspiracy surrounding the event.10


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