Timeline: 1911-1912



  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith arrive at the future site of UNIT's headquarters. They face the murderous minions of the ancient Osirian Sutekh, and barely manage to trap him in an intertemporal void.1
  • Spring. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (30) arrive at a staged exotic animal hunt in Suffolk, and get caught up in an evil alien energy being's attempt to flee its fellows. Attendee and transhumanist cultist Hannah Bartholomew (40) sneaks into the TARDIS before it takes off.2
  • Sir Denis Nayland Smith () has his first run-in with the criminal mastermind Fu Manchu (70).
  • June 19 (Monday). Called upon by his brother Mycroft (64), Sherlock Holmes (57) visits London, and investigates bombings. His life secretly saved by a visiting Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and friends, Holmes discovers a psychiatrist, Dr. Alexander Corvo, having brainwashed a slow man into planting bombs. Corvo escapes capture.3


  • April 10. The RMS Titanic departs Southampton, England, on its maiden voyage. Among the passengers are upper class girl Rose DeWitt Bukater, lower class boy Jack Dawson (20), and socialite activist Molly Brown (44). A rapping dog also comes aboard.4
  • April 10-15. Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson have an ill-fated romance.5
  • April 15. The RMS Titanic sinks after hitting an iceberg. During the evacuation, Rose and Jack survive for a time together, but Jack (20) eventually dies of hypothermia while hanging onto a makeshift raft. Molly Brown helps in the rescue effort of her fellow survivors of Titanic.6
  • May 1. In a Calisotan beehive, Maya the Bee emerges from her cell, a full-fledged bee. Highly inquisitive, with a great deal of inherited knowledge, Maya becomes a nuisance with her questioning of basic societal norms. Exiled, she travels with her best friend, a young drone named Willy, and meets the grasshopper Flip, and the hornet Sting. Together, they stop a war between the bees and hornets. She returns to the hive a hero.7
  • May 16. Anna Jones dies. She is survived by her husband Henry () and son Henry Jr. ().
  • The Doctor, Vicki Pallister (18), and Steven Taylor (26/2251) arrive in England, where Vicki is possessed by an ancient Drahvin skull fragment. The skull, believed to be a boon to anthropology, endangers humanity with its man-hating ways, and Vicki and Steven defeat it.8
  • October. The living Tracers Abby and Zara escape to a small town, Compton, England, where its people are caught in the moment of its destruction by a meteor. The people allow themselves to move on, and the guilt-stricken Tracers escape.9
  • Jane Porter (22), her father, and a few others are marooned on the coast of German East Africa. They meet Tarzan (21), a European youth raised by gorillas, who befriends Jane. With the help of Tarzan and his chimp friend Cheeta (4), the Porters stop an evil hunter.10
  • November 5. An avid supporter of the U.S. Progressive ("Bull Moose") Party, Bullwinkle J. Moose (21) votes for Theodore Roosevelt (54) in the election.
  • November 5. Democratic candidate New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson () defeats Progressive Party candidate (and former U.S. President) Theodore Roosevelt, as well as incumbent U.S. President William Howard Taft (), in the United States presidential election.11
  • December 22. Lord Henry Wotton dies from poisoning, though it initially appears he dies of natural causes.
  • December 23-24. Dorian Gray (50) returns to London for the funeral of his old friend Harry Wotton. He and visiting retired detective Sherlock Holmes (58) are caught up in the revenge plot of Alan Campbell, who faked his death in 1891. Campbell and his daughter are arrested for Wotton's murder. During the escapade, Dorian and Holmes are each visited by what might be James Moriarty.12


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