Timeline: 1909-1910



  • The planet Zygor is apparently destroyed during the Zygon-Xaranti War.
  • Jack Harkness suffers one of his many deaths when he and a train-load of pals are attacked by evil fairy things.1


  • January 18. Silja Tauber dies giving birth to her second child, daughter Agnes. Her widowed husband Bartosz goes on to raise the child.
  • February 11 (Friday). The brothers Edward (11) and Alphonse Elric (10) attempt to use alchemy to resurrect their mother Tricia. The attempt is an unmitigated failure, as the alchemical equation takes as part of its cost the entire body of Alphonse, and Edward's left leg. In desperation to save Al, Ed casts a second alchemical equation, bonding Al's soul to a suit of armor, but loses his right arm in the process.2
  • February 11. The homunculus born of Tricia's likeness becomes connected to the Sloth aspect of the mysterious Father.
  • March 23 (Wednesday). The mysterious Mary Poppins (110) blows into London, and applies for the position of nanny and governess of the Banks children Jane and Michael. She is hired, and immediately begins to delight the children with her quasi-mystic displays.3
  • April 21. Samuel Clemens (74) dies.4
  • June 22. The dogs Lady and the Tramp enjoy a plate of spaghetti.
  • August 13. Florence Nightingale (90) dies.5
  • November 20. Leo Tolstoy (82) dies of pneumonia.6
  • December 11. In Paris, the amnesiac Time Lord Baloo, in his feline fourth incarnation ("Thomas O'Malley"), helps some abducted swanky cats.7


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