Timeline: 1905-1906



  • Breton Annaïck "Bécassine" Labornez is hired on as a nanny.
  • February 27. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela visit one of the Doctor's old friends, Joshua Douglas. When Leela and Douglas's daughter Jessica go exploring, they discover the Zed'Nai despot H'mbrackle. The girl frees him, and he goes on a killing spree, killing the entire Douglas family. After H'mbrackle is captured again and cured of a plague by the Doctor, an invasion force of Zed'Nai appear, and Leela begins killing them with an extremely virulent agent she has become carrier to.1
  • With the murder of Dr. Alex Olson in the swamps of Louisiana, the creature Swamp Thing comes to life, absorbing the memories of the late murder victim. Believing itself to be Olson, it begins a campaign to find Olson's killer and save Olson's wife.2
  • May 20 (Saturday). In Never Never Land, Peter Pan (39) and the Lost Boys have a final showdown with Captain Hook (71) and the pirates. Most of the pirates are slaughtered by the children, with William Smee (77) the only apparent survivor. James Hook appears to be eaten by the crocodile Mr. Grin, but ends up killing it from inside. Peter and the Lost Boys crew the Jolly Roger, and set sail for London.3
  • When the TARDIS lands in the Arizona Territory, an angry Vislor Turlough storms out and visits the town of Buzzard's Creek. While there he encounters a side show, which he realizes is run by an alien. With the help of one of the freaks, Berman Labazeen, the "Wild Man of Borneo", in actuality an alien Krolock, as well as the Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Tegan Jovanka, Turlough defeats the alien menace that hopes to make humanity hosts for its offspring. Berman dies in the attempt.4
  • Circus owner L.B. Farnham is murdered by criminals, and his possessions, including the stuffed corpse of Jonah Hex, are sold off.
  • July 27. A baby caribou of Santa Claus's sapient variety is born at Claus's North Pole facility. The fawn is born with a strange red, luminescent nose.

August 31 (Thursday). Peter Pan, Tinker Bell (1005), Wendy (13), John (9), and Michael Darling (5), and the Lost Boys Nibs (38), Tootles (37), Slightly (39), Curly (39), and the Twins (37) arrive in Kensington Gardens in London. The Darlings Mary and George are ecstatic at the return of their children. They agree to adopt the Lost Boys, but Peter refuses to stay and grow up, and returns to Never Land with Tinker Bell.

  • September 1 (Friday). The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan are carved from the Northwest Territories.5
  • October 15 (Saturday). Young Nemo McCay (7) begins nightly adventures instigated by the Sandman Morpheus (4390), who needs him as an agent in his realm.6

December 24-25 (Sunday-Monday). When a mystical fog covers the Earth, Santa Claus enlists the young reindeer buck Rudolph to lead his sleigh herd through the mist to deliver presents to all the good, wealthy Christian children.


  • January 16. The Pasnics create the second of their Sun-Eater defensive beings, the creature Validus. Like Tribulus before it, it proves to be dangerously unstable, and is placed in suspended animation until it is needed.
  • March 13. Activist Susan B. Anthony (86) dies of heart failure and pneumonia.
  • April 15. The Kitchener Iron Works in Derry, Maine explodes during an Easter Sunday Easter Egg Hunt. 102 people are killed, including 88 children. This is the closing of Its cycle.8
  • April 18. James Nicola Bradley is born in San Francisco during a great earthquake.
  • Professional gambler Brady Hawkes participates in a poker tournament. Fellow contestants include Hawkes's protege Billy Montana, half-white Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, Bart Maverick, Cheyenne Brodie, Lucas McCain, Mark McCain, George Wishbone, Dave Blassingame, the mysterious Virginian and his associate Trampas.9
  • July 29. Zordon puts down the robot Alpha 4. He activates new robot Alpha 5.
  • December 24. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (19) arrive in a mysterious time zone, where five people, including Edith Thompson, are caught in a continuous time-loop of two hours. Created by the house as a response to Charley's undone death in 1930, the evil house used the people to try and maintain its existence. The Doctor and Charley eventually break down the time loop, saving Edith.
  • December 24. The god later called Media comes into existence.


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