Timeline: 1903-1904



  • The Doctor and Susan, and Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright (both 1963) arrive in Siberia, and meet the wandering Grigori Rasputin. Their encounter with a Dahensa temporal scanner causes the Doctor and Susan to fall ill, the abduction of Barbara, and Rasputin's acquisition of vast future knowledge. When the Dahensa are defeated and the device destroyed, the recovered Doctor is able to use the scanner to drop an amnesiac Rasputin off in St. Petersburg.
  • July 20 (Monday). Pope Leo XIII () dies.1
  • November 3 (Tuesday). The state of Panama, with the colonialist assistance of the United States, successfully declares its independence from Colombia.2 The Tan Panama moves out of Colombia's house.
  • December 17 (Thursday). The Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur are the first humans to successfully engineer flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.3


  • January 23. The Pasnics create the creature Tribulus as a defense measure against a possible Sun-Eater attack. Violent and insane, the non-sapient creature is stolen from Pasner by space pirates.
  • May 1. Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Panda meet supernatural detective Thomas Carnacki and face a haunted house with a lot of debt and an aperture to an alternate realm populated by pig men.5
  • May 22. Henry Fleming (58) dies in a fire rescuing horses from a barn.6
  • May 25. A litter of anthropomorphic kittens is born. One of them takes a liking to a striped stovepipe hat.
  • June 16. [Leopold Bloom goes on an odyssey through Dublin.7
  • September. The two pairs of twins of the Bobbsey family (Nan & Bert [both 8] and Flossie & Freddie [both 4]) begin to have incredibly bland adventures!8
  • November 6-8. In the days leading up to, and including Election Day, Judge William Pittman Priest (65) shows his town what true nobility is, despite his being a racist. He prevents a mob from lynching a Black teenage boy, who has been falsely accused of rape (the true rapist turns out to be one of the lad's accusers), and leads a funeral procession (and gives a eulogy) for an older prostitute as fulfillment of her dying wish. He is rewarded with reelection.9
  • November 8 (Tuesday). Incumbent U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt () defeats Democratic candidate Judge Alton Parker in the United States presidential election.10
  • The mystical flying boy Peter Pan (38), along with his fairy friend Tinker Bell (1004), visits the Darling home in London, and coerces Wendy (12), John (8), and Michael Darling (4) to fly with him to the mystical island Never Never Land.11
  • November 29 (Wednesday). Criminal George Barrow guns down Jonah Hex (68) while he sits at a table in a bar cleaning his spectacles. The local sheriff kills Barrow in cold blood.12
  • December 1 (Friday). Unscrupulous circus owner L.B. Farnham attacks Jonah Hex's widow Tall Bird and a historian, leaving them for dead, and steals Hex's corpse. He has it stuffed and puts it in his Wild West Revue show.13


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