Timeline: 1901-1902



  • January 22 (Tuesday). Queen Victoria (81) of the United Kingdom dies. She is succeeded by her son Edward VII.1
  • Torchwood agents discover a future version of Jack Harkness (272) that has been buried for over 1800 years. He asks to be placed in suspended animation.2
  • July 14 (Sunday). Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud (45) is taken for a time to 1988 by time-traveling teens Bill Preston and Ted Logan.3
  • Civil war erupts in the province of Ishbal in the Caucasian nation of Amestris.
  • September 5 (Thursday). President William McKinley is shot by Leon Czolgosz.4
  • September 9 (Monday). Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (36) dies.
  • September 14 (Saturday). President William McKinley (58) dies from complications from his shooting. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt (42) is sworn in as twenty-sixth President of the United States.5
  • October 20 (Sunday). While trying to enjoy a cruise, the Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown get caught up in a murder mystery, and learn that a crazed man is holding a mermaid and her baby hostage. The vessel Lankester sinks, but the mermaid's infant child is saved.6


  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) picks up John Riddell, a big game hunter, and takes him to the year 2367. After an adventure, the Doctor drops Riddell off with his new lover, the Queen Nefertiti (30/1334 BCE).7
  • May 20. Cuba gains formal independence from the United States.8 The Tan Cuba (382) moves out of America's house.
  • A small engine, Little Engine, takes a job pulling a load over a hill. At first uncertain, she eventually succeeds while chanting the mantra "I think I can! I think I can!"9
  • After inadvertently making Pope Leo XIII (92) act sexually aggressive, the siren living in a nunnery is forced out, and she begins wandering the Earth, eventually coming to think of herself as the goddess Venus.10
  • September 3. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela arrive in the TARDIS on the island of Fang Rock off England's southern coast. They manage to repel an attempted beachhead on Earth by agents of the Rutan Host, though several people are killed in the local lighthouse during the confrontation. Leela's eyes change from brown to blue as a result of a blinding flash of light.11
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane, and Hex Schofield arrive at an archaeological dig in Egypt. They meet the Time Lady Jane Templeton, who has been stranded on Earth for thousands of years with her TARDIS dying. She ends up flying her TARDIS into the sun.12
  • Workers strike oil on Daniel Plainview's property. One of them is killed in an accident. Plainview adopts the child, H.W., as his own.13
  • November 10. Jonah Hex (66) marries an indigenous woman named Tall Bird.


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