Timeline: 19001-19900









  • April 26. Fran and Earl Sinclair's egg hatches into a pink male.
  • June 30-July 1. Ethyl Phillips, through pressure by her grandson () and daughter, decides not to go through with her Hurling Day ceremony, the first known dinosaur to survive past their 72nd birthday in 5000 years.1


The four-legged dinosaurs and the two-legged dinosaurs of Erf go to war for a time.
The Chief Elder of Pangea dies during the naming ceremony for the Sinclairs' baby. The baby is named Aah Ugh I'm Dying You Idiot Sinclair as part of a miscommunication.
With the death of the Chief Elder, B.P. Richfield enters the ring as a candidate. Seeing that Richfield is inherently evil, Earl Sinclair enters the race against him. Ultimately neither wins, as a write-in candidate, Edward R. Hero, wins.
Chief Elder Edward R. Hero renames Aah Ugh I'm Dying You Idiot Sinclair. The new name is Baby Sinclair.


A series of strategic errors in dealing with an overrun of insects results, initiated by Earl Sinclair (46), over several weeks, in the death of all plant life on Erf, and a subsequent nuclear winter.


On the Jugdral continent on Symqures, with the fall of the Loptyr Empire, the Twelve Crusaders, infused with the blood of Divine Dragons through Naga, each found their own kingdoms. Heim founds the kingdom of Grannvale, and six other Crusaders found duchies in close alliance with it: Chalphy (by Baldur), Dozel (by Neir), Edda (by Blaggi), Friege (by Thrud), Jungby (by Ulir), and Velthomer (by Fjalar). Hezul founds Agustria, Od founds Isaach, Noba founds Manster, Sety founds Silesse, and Dain founds Thracia.2


  • February 28. On the planet Symqures, the Divine Dragon Naga, now a manakete, births a daughter, Tiki.3

Just before her death, Naga places her daughter Tiki into a deep sleep in fear of her eventually degenerating due to her mystical potential. She entrusts the care of Tiki and humanity to her fellow dragon Gotoh.


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