Timeline: 1899



  • April 4. Martha Shmidt gives birth to Johann Shmidt. Martha dies in childbirth, and the father, Hermann, tries to drown the infant. The doctor saves his life.
  • April 5. Hermann Shmidt commits suicide.
  • The Dover boys Tom, Dick, and Larry, students at Pimento University (P.U.), take their mutual fiance Dora Standpipe out for a gay outing at the park. While playing hide and seek, the Dovers hide in a distant saloon, leading to the dastardly Dan Backslide (archenemy of the Dover boys) abducting Dora. Dan Backslide takes Dora to his even more distant cabin home. Dora beats Dan nearly senseless, as the Dovers arrive sometime later after receiving a telegram sent by a diligent pair of scouts. While confronting Dan, the three boys knock each other out, and Dora leaves the scene with an older man who walks around the area in a bathing costume.1
  • May 17. Queen Victoria (79) arrives in Torchwood London for an inspection. At the same time, an alien creature escapes, turning the young aged as it absorbs youth from its victims, including Torchwood London's head, Archie. Queen Victoria and Jack Harkness (168) track the monster through London, and Queen Victoria learns Jack's value and her own love of adventure, and regrets her own aging.2
  • Jonah Hex (62) meets his grown son Jason Hex (23).
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (20) arrive on a train in Sweden. There they become involved with mysterious art that can endanger reality, bringing them into conflict with The Headhunter and her new PA Karen Coltrane, as both parties want to steal the art. With the help of a living statue, they save a universe within a diamond.3
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana arrive in Victorian London, and encounter the Doctor's old friends Henry Gordon Jago (52) and George Litefoot (55). They investigate the mysterious vigilante the Pugilist, who has been apparently killing criminals. They track him down as being a justice-obsessed young man who uses an advanced robot from Jalxar that he spruced up to kill criminals. When a young woman becomes the target for the robot, he sacrifices his life to save hers. The Doctor cleverly destroys the robot.4
  • December 26. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (26) attend a show in Stockbridge, England. Strange happenings cause them to take a trip to 1199. After their return, they face a mind-controlled public, and after briefly causing a bubble timeline, stop the explosion of a Rutan ship.5


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