Timeline: 1895-1898



  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (26) arrive in time to witness a squad of British soldiers steal a Drelleran space ship.1
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Flip Jackson (22/2012) visit London, and meet up with Henry Gordon Jago (49) and George Litefoot (52). They face the Valeyard, who is killing actors.2
  • November 17. Dorothy Gale adopts a newborn Cairn Terrier she names Toto.
  • The Doctor (third incarnation) drops Joshua Douglas off at his home, placing the Z'Nai tyrant H'mbrackle II in a special prison beneath Joshua's home.3
  • December 29. Casper McFadden (12) dies from pneumonia. His soul becomes trapped on the physical plane.4


  • January 4. The Utah Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Utah, the forty-fifth state of the Union.5
  • Wainwright Burns takes his grandson Charles Montgomery (5) under his care. He inadvertently leaves his stuffed bear Bobo behind.6


  • September. At the behest of his former student John Steward, Abraham van Helsing comes to Dracula's new England home and investigates the condition of Lucy Westerna.7


  • February 15. The USS Maine is sunk in a mysterious explosion. American "yellow" journalists blame the act on Spain.9
  • April 23. Spain declares war on the United States, beginning the Spanish-American War.10
  • July 4. The United States formally annexes the Republic of Hawaii, renaming it the Territory of Hawaii.11
  • August 12. The United States and Spain end their hostilities in the Treaty of Paris. Spain cedes all of its overseas territory outside of Africa, including Guam, the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, to the United States.12 The Tans Philippines, Cuba (378), Puerto Rico, and Guam move into America's (260) house.
  • Daniel Plainview, a California prospector, finds silver in a mine.13


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