Timeline: 1894



  • January. When Henry Gordon Jago (47) and George Litefoot (49) begin to suspect The General is not as honest as he seems, they quickly are threatened. A confrontation leads to a fire in which Jago is believed killed, and Litefoot is arrested for his murder. With help from an agent of Queen Victoria, Agatha Worthing, Jago acts as Litefoot's defense attorney, but his theatrical revelation of survival is ignored by the dishonest court, and Jago and Litefoot escape custody. A final confrontation against The General results in the destruction of him and his super weapon, but Worthing is killed as well, and Jago and Litefoot are forced to go on the lam as they are accused of attempting to assassinate the Queen.1
  • The recently regenerated Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation), alongside Clara Oswald (27/2015), drags a gigantic mutant dinosaur along with the TARDIS to Victorian London. There the Doctor becomes accustomed to his new incarnation under the ministrations of Vastra (157), Strax (15), and Jenny Flint (29). When the dinosaur is murdered, the Doctor goes to investigate. He and Clara are reunited, and discover partially organic clockwork men who have been killing people to harvest parts. The Doctor and Clara manage to defeat their leader, the Half-Faced Man. The Doctor and Clara depart.2

Fitz Kreiner gets caught in a temporal anomaly after jumping into an exploded ice TARDIS after fleeing dinosaur things. His friend George Williamson's temporal ghost from the future comes and kills himself to prevent a man with a black hole for a head from destroying all reality.
March 7. Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot are entreated by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to pose as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in order to help a mysterious woman in distress. She turns out to be a time-traveler from the 64th century. In order to save them all, Doyle agrees to continue writing, thus ensuring their rescue by Time Agents.
Henry Gordon Jago, George Litefoot, and Ellie Higson face an entity called Remorse that causes them to bring up past mistakes. It poses as their old friend Leela, until Jago realizes the charade, and they defeat it.
When trying to get a statement to clear their names, Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot are pulled into a madwoman's quest for vengeance. Trapping a group of her late father's colleagues in her house of many traps, Jago and Litefoot barely survive, along with an undercover government agent, Frederick Abberline. The madwoman falls to her death.
April. Henry Gordon Jago, George Litefoot, and Frederick Abberline investigate the escape of a Jack the Ripper (Tom Carlton), and discover that he had committed the murders in order to reanimate his lost love, Queen Victoria's late niece, as a wax creature cyborg. Using her to try and kill Queen Victoria, the wax princess instead kills Carlton. Queen Victoria exonerates Jago and Litefoot by royal decree.
June 11 (Monday). Cyrus Gold (31) is murdered in the Slaughter Swamp outside Gotham City.
July 4. Americans establish the puppet Republic of Hawaii.
The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Fenella Wibbsey (2010) visit Paris, and follow clues to an encounter with The Demon, which involves painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
Teenager Thomas Halloway is electrocuted by power lines and mutated. His aging is greatly slowed.
Thalisar unites Andor under the government of the Andorian Empire, establishing a parliamentary democracy to succeed her after her death.
November 26. Russian Czar Nicholas II marries Princess Alix of Hesse.

  • December 8. Roxy and Poopdeck Kidd's (45) son is born. Poopdeck names him Ugly, and abandons the family.


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