Timeline: 1886-1890



  • January. While on a ship crossing the Atlantic, the child mouse Fievel Mousekewitz (5) is knocked off the ship. Fievel survives in a bottle, drifting into New York harbor. Fievel's family, thinking him dead, also arrive in New York and settle in. Over the next several days, Fievel wanders New York, making friends and searching for his family. He gets involved in the local mice population's attempts to rid the city of cats. A local cat gang is forced onto a ship to Hong Kong as the result of the mice's work. In the end, Fievel is reunited with his family.1
  • March 22. When a couple is attacked by the tiger Shere Khan, their infant son is thought lost. The human child is taken in by intelligent wolves Raksha and Father Wolf, who name him Mowgli, and begin raising him as their own.2


  • A ship sinks in the south Pacific Ocean. The only survivors are a pair of children, cousins Emmeline and Richard Lestrange, and the galley cook, Paddy Button. Stranded on a lush island with no one else, the trio settle in.3


  • The Doctor and Vastra (56) return to London, and save the human woman Jenny Flint (23). Vastra leaves the TARDIS, deciding to remain in London as a detective.
  • The entity Redjac takes control of a human in London, England. It begins murdering young women.
  • A Re'nar alien also begins murdering women in London.
  • June 2. At a baseball game in Mudville, Massachusetts, the home team is losing with a score of 4-2. With two outs and two men at second and third bases, team star Frank Casey (24) comes up to bat. Casey arrogantly allows the first two pitches to fly by him, allowing them to be called strikes. The third pitch, where Casey does take a swing, also results in a strike. The townspeople of Mudville collectively enter a severe depression, strong enough to alter the weather with its psionic resonance.4
  • September 30. Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Ellowes are murdered by one or more of the Jack the Rippers.5
  • September 30. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amelia Pond, and Rory Williams (both 2011) end up in London in this period, and are pulled into the Jack the Ripper murders.
  • Dio Brando's (20) plan is nearly come to fruition, as his poisoning of his adoptive father George Joestar is nearly complete. His adoptive brother, Jonathan "JoJo" Joestar (20), suspects this, and confronts him. Dio is unable to swear on his hated father's honor, so JoJo ensures only doctors give George medicine, and he travels to London to find the apothecary who provided the poison.6
  • In London, Jonathan Joestar travels to Ogre Street, where he is challenged by a number of thugs, led by the criminal Robert E.O. Speedwagon. When Speedwagon sees JoJo is not using lethal force against he and his crew, he swears fealty to JoJo. JoJo meets an apothecary.7
  • In London, Dio Brando, carrying the mystical stone mask, runs into a couple of drunk Londoners. He murders one of them, and then forces the mask onto the other, which impales his head. The man is turned into a vampire, and nearly kills Dio, but is destroyed with the rising sun.8
  • Dio Brando returns home, and is confronted by JoJo. George Joestar, R.E.O. Speedwagon, and the police show up during the confrontation, and Dio is seemingly defeated. He attempts to stab JoJo, but instead fatally wounds George, who blocks the attack. George's blood activates the stone mask, which Dio places on his own face. Shot by the police, he is believed killed until he revives as a vampire. He slays the police, but savors the murder of JoJo, resulting in JoJo being able to temporarily get the upperhand, with Dio engulfed in flames and impaled upon a monument.9
  • November 9. Mary Jane Kelly is killed by one of the Jack the Rippers.10

November 9-10. The Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams reappear, and with Inspector Frederick Abberline and a Ju'wes alien, defeat the Re'nar alien Jack the Ripper.
Inspector Frederick Abberline captures another of the Jack the Rippers, a human doctor once the fiance of Queen Victoria's niece. He is promoted to the Queen's secret special investigator, and begins working with Torchwood.


  • February 26-28. The TARDIS arrives in London carrying the Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (26). The two take down, with the help of locals Professor George Litefoot (45) and Henry Gordon Jago (42), the time-displaced war criminal Magnus Greel (59), who has taken over a group of Chinese living in the U.K., and has been using them to murder young women for purposes of rejuvenation. They also face Greel's homunculus Mr. Sin. Greel ends up dying while trying to use the rejuvenating time cabinet.11
  • March 4. Benjamin Harrison (55) is sworn in as twenty-third President of the United States.12
  • April 20. Adolf Hitler is born in Braunau am Inn, Austria.
  • April 20. Many temporal agents visit Braunau am Inn, Austria, this night, hoping to interfere with the birth of Hitler or prevent others from interfering. Amongst the many agents are Mr. Peabody and Sherman; the second Doctor, Polly Wright, Ben Jackson, and Jamie McCrimmon; the third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, and Jeremy Fitzoliver; the fourth Doctor, Sharon Davies, and K-9; the fifth Doctor and Vislor Turlough; the sixth Doctor, Peri Brown, and Frobisher; the seventh Doctor, Ace McShane, and Raine Creevy; the eighth Doctor, Stacy Townsend, and Ssard; the War Doctor, Jack Bartlett, Ping-Cho, and Althus; the "ninth" Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Jack Harkness; Javic Thane of the Time Agency; the "tenth" Doctor, Donna Noble, and Alfonso Frame; the "eleventh" Doctor and Strax; Per Degaton; Kang the Conqueror; Iron Lad, Thor Girl, and Patriot of the Young Avengers; and Rama-Tut.
  • Paddy Button dies, leaving the Richard and Emmeline Lestrange to survive on their own.13
  • November 2. The Dakota Territory is dissolved as it is admitted to the United States as the states of North Dakota and South Dakota, the thirty-ninth and fortieth states of the Union.14
  • November 2. The whorehouse Mom's (later the site of the bar Cheers) opens in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.
  • November 8. The Montana Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Montana, the forty-first state of the Union.15
  • November 11. The Washington Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Washington, the forty-second state of the Union.16


April 17. Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot are reunited. They soon begin solving strange mysteries together.
June 1-3. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Amy Pond (2010) meet artist Vincent van Gogh. They realize he can see an invisible monster, and the three face the monster, who is killed. The Doctor briefly takes Vincent to 2010.
July 3. The Idaho Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Idaho, the forty-third state of the Union.
July 10. The Wyoming Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Wyoming, the forty-fourth state of the Union.

  • July 27-29. Vincent van Gogh (37) attempts to commit suicide, shooting himself in the chest. He eventually dies from his injuries.

November 15-16. In a fit of rage, Dorian Gray (27) murders his friend Basil Hallward. He gets his former lover, Alan Campbell, to help him dispose of Basil's body, disintegrating it in acid.
November 23. Sherlock Holmes (36) takes the case of Basil Hallward's disappearance, and though he suspects Alan Campbell, he has no clear evidence, and Campbell is never charged.


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