Timeline: 1881-1885



  • March 4. James Garfield (49) is sworn in as twentieth president of the United States.1
  • Basil Hallward completes a portrait of his young friend Dorian Gray (18).2
  • July 2. President James Garfield (49) is fatally shot by malcontent Charles Guiteau.3
  • July 14. Billy "The Kid" Bonney (21) is shot and killed at Fort Sumner in the New Mexico Territory, at the hands of Sheriff Pat Garrett.4
  • July 16. Dr. John Watson (29), recently returned from Afghanistan, is introduced to consulting detective Sherlock Holmes (27) while searching for a place to stay. They become flatmates at 221B Baker Street in London, and Watson begins assisting Holmes on his cases.5
  • Early August. In Treegap, New Hampshire, Winnie Foster (10) meets the immortal Tuck family at the time of their decennial reunion. She learns of their origin, and finds herself falling in love with Jesse Tuck (104), the younger son who still resembles a 17-year-old. Things are complicated by a mysterious man who wants to sell the magical water that gave them immortality. The Tuck matriarch, Mae, accidentally kills the man, and is arrested, tried, and to be hung. Winnie helps Mae escape from holding, taking her place to give the Tucks time to escape. Jesse gives Winnie a bottle of the immortality water to take in six years so she can eventually become Jesse's partner.6
  • September 19. President James Garfield (49) dies from a heart attack due to complications from his shooting. Vice President Chester A. Arthur is sworn in as twenty-first President of the United States.7
  • Births: Oliver Warbucks (May 9), Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (July 30)


January 30. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is born in Hyde Park, New York, United States.

  • April 9. Charles Darwin (73) dies of heart failure.8
  • The Sorcerer Supreme Yao (434) encounters a siren (3757) while aboard a sailing ship. He transforms it into a humanoid, giving it a soul and awakening it to empathy. The creature, horrified at her preying behavior, decides to atone, and finds herself at a nunnery.9

August 27. Alex Louis Armstrong is born to Philip Armstrong and his wife in Amestris.


  • The Utrom Governor Krang (80) declares "Dimension X"'s independence from the Utrom Cooperative. The new Empire begins a path of conquest, conquering Stonwar and Neutrin.
  • February 23. Woodcarver Aldo Geppetto (64) carves the doll Pinocchio. That night, the Blue Fairy appears and gives the puppet a semblance of life. The fairy also elevates a random immortal cricket (150) to sapience to act as Pinocchio's conscience. It takes the name Jiminy.


April-May. On the planet Aeshia, the native telepathic species alters a lone Judoon warrior, Captain Kybo, expanding his mind above the normally limited intelligence of the Judoon. Kybo fails to alter the landscape and escapes the planet in order to tell galactic authorities of the pending genocide of the sapients there. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) lands on Kybo's ship as it is attacked by corporate ships. The ship crashes to England. Kybo is captured by a circus, and displayed in the freak show. The Doctor follows Kybo to Earth, where he is captured and caged as a clown. Kybo, with the help of the Doctor, learns to speak and read English, becoming fond of literature and poetry. Eventually, his fellow Judoon come looking for him, and the Doctor convinces them to give Kybo a trial in a local court.10

  • May 19. Captain Kybo is brought before an English court. The trial results in the Judoon present being similarly altered by the Aeshia to awaken them to beauty and complication. They bring the galactic corporation employee Meretricious Gedge's actions into the spotlight. Kybo joins his fellow new Judoon in establishing a colony on a moon orbiting Aeshia with the consent of the Aeshians.11

The Blue Fairy, seeing the puppet Pinocchio has learned his lesson, transforms him into a biological human.

  • October 15. Captain Nemo (66) fakes his death on Lincoln Island.12
  • November 4. Democratic candidate New York Governor Grover Cleveland () defeats Republican candidate James Blaine in the United States presidential election.13

December 28. The black leopard Bagheera is born in the Bengal Presidency of British India.


  • January 1. Emmett Brown (72/1985) arrives in Hill Valley, California, displaced from an adventure in 1955.14
  • March 4. Grover Cleveland () is sworn in as twenty-second President of the United States.15
  • July 23. Former U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant dies.16
  • September 2. Marty McFly (17/1985) arrives in Hill Valley, California, in the DeLorean. He is reunited with Emmett Brown.17
  • September 4. Doc Brown and Marty McFly save school teacher Clara Clayton () from falling into a ravine. She and Doc fall in love at first sight.18
  • September 7. Marty McFly has a final confrontation with Buford Tannen (). He and Doc attempt to return to 1985 using a train to get the DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour. When Clara Clayton, who had rejected Doc based on his telling her of the truth of his time-displaced nature, appears on the train, Doc abandons his chance to get back to the future to save her. Marty and the DeLorean successfully depart.19
  • November 21. On the first night of Hanukkah, the town of Shostka in the Russian Empire is sieged by Cossacks. The Jewish population is forced to flee, including the Jewish mice. The Mousekewitz family (Papa, Mama, Tanya, Fievel [5], and Yasha) also departs, deciding to head for America.20

December 15. Emmett Brown marries Clara Clayton.
December 30. The boy later known as Mowgli is born in the Bengal Presidency of British India.


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