Timeline: 1876-1880



  • Nova Scotian orphan Anne Shirley moves to Prince Edward Island after a pair of older twins request assistance.1
  • April 28. Leopold Moutbatten, Duke of Albany, enters a time portal after following a time traveler from 2001. After spending some time in that period, he returns, shortly followed by Kate McKay, a woman he fell in love with in that time. A woman from the future, she immediately clashes with Victorian values, but becomes engaged to Leopold.2
  • June 2. Mei Ling Hex runs away from her husband Jonah (37), taking their month-old infant son Jason with them.
  • August 1. The Colorado Territory is admitted as the state of Colorado, the thirty-eighth state to join the United States.3
  • November 7. The United States presidential election ends inconclusively. Eventually, Republican candidate Ohio Governor Rutherford B. Hayes (54) will be awarded the presidency, winning out against Democratic candidate New York Governor Samuel J. Tilden.4


  • Killian Jones (43) takes command of the pirate ship Sea Devil, and brings his loyal but stupid servant William Smee (49) aboard as his boatswain. He takes the new fearsome pirate name of Captain Black Stache.
  • August 17. Billy "the Kid" Bonney (17) shoots Francis P. Cahill in revenge. This is Billy's first murder.5
  • The town of St. Canard is founded west of Duckburg, Calisota.


  • February 20. Vincenzo Pecci (67) is elected Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He adopts the Papal name Leo XIII.6
  • July 8. The Weisz family arrives in the United States. Their name is changed to Weiss, and son Erik becomes Ehrich.7
  • August 10 (Saturday). Five orphan boys, led by a boy named Peter (whose surname has been forgotten) (12) are loaded on the sailing ship Never Land. Never Land departs after the ship HMS Wasp, as part of a convoy to the island nation of Rundoon. Also coming aboard Never Land is Molly Aster (12), a young member of the Starcatchers, who learns that the ship she is on, as opposed to Wasp, is a trunk full of Starstuff. At the same time, the pirate ship Sea Devil, under the command of Captain Black Stache (Killian Jones) (44), heads out to capture the great treasure (thinking it's aboard Wasp), and capture Wasp.8
  • August 13 (Tuesday). Captain Black Stache and the crew of the Sea Devil seize the HMS Wasp, killing much of the crew. Stache renames the ship the Jolly Roger, leaving most of the surviving crew on Sea Devil. Jolly Roger sets off after Never Land.9
  • August 14-17. The Jolly Roger attacks the ship Never Land. While under attack, a temporal storm erupts at this "fixed point", resulting in the destruction of Never Land. The boy Peter, the girl Molly Aster, and Peter's fellow orphans end up on the island of the Mollusk Native American tribe. They run afoul of the Mollusks, as well as Black Stache and his pirates, and agents of the Others. Peter befriends the Mollusks after saving their chief's life at the same time he is permanently infused with Starstuff, giving him the ability to fly and halting his aging. He also befriends the mermaids dwelling in the waters around the island. The final encounter with Black Stache results in Peter cutting one of the pirate captain's hands off, and it being consumed by the giant crocodile "Mr. Grin". Peter and his friends decide to stay on Mollusk Island. When Molly and her father depart to take the Starstuff to England to dispose of it, Aster takes a bird and uses it to summon the fairy Tinker Bell (), who immediately falls in love with the pubescent Peter.10
  • August 15 (Thursday). Jonah Hex is abducted by temporal agents to the year 2056. He is transported back to this time after two years' experience, with his memories hazed.
  • August 16. The child Tan called Cyprus comes into existence on his namesake island.
  • August 20. Captain Black Stache begins using a hook on the stump of his arm, and earns himself the new feared title of Captain Hook.
  • October. After agents of the Others visit Mollusk Island (Never Land), the boy Peter, joined by the fairy Tinker Bell, follows their ship back to England to warn the Aster family. After a harrowing adventure in London, they reach Molly Aster, and, with the help of Molly's friend George Darling, defeat the Others at Stonehenge, the site of the Return of the Starstuff. When the Others' shadow agent Lord Ombra attempts to seize Peter's shadow, the contact inadvertently results in the shadow gaining a pseudo-life force of its own.


  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (21/2006) save Queen Victoria (59) from a werewolf. In the aftermath, she nights the Doctor and Rose and banishes them. She founds the Torchwood Institute as a means of protecting the empire against supernatural and alien threats.11
  • March 14. Albert Einstein is born in Ulm, Wurttemburg, Germany.
  • Magnus Greel (49) arrives in this time period in China. He meets the peasant Li H'sen Chang, and, posing as the ancient Xian god Weng-Chiang, enlists Chang in his quest for power.12
  • Dorian Gray's (16) uncle's housekeeper Constance Harker seduces him, being his first kiss and first sex partner.
  • An evil entity that once acted as Dorian Gray's imaginary friend kills Constance Harker by knocking her down the stairs.
  • October 22. Time-traveling teens Bill Preston (16) and Ted Logan (16) (both 1988) visit the the New Mexico Territory and take young outlaw Billy "the Kid" Bonney (19) on a time-traveling adventure, eventually dropping him back off moments after he left.13


  • On his deathbed, Dario Brando passes his son Dio (12) a letter, telling him of the debt George Joestar owes him. Dio, after his father is buried, swears to exploit Joestar and curses his father (whom he had poisoned).14
  • George Joestar takes in Dio Brando, introducing him to his own son Jonathan "JoJo" Joestar. Dio immediately begins bullying JoJo, hurting JoJo's dog Danny and tossing JoJo around.15
  • July 1. The vampire Drusilla sires William Pratt (28), who becomes the vampire Spike.
  • Dio Brando, continuing his hatred for his adoptive brother JoJo, assaults his friend Erina Pendleton, forcing a kiss upon her. JoJo confronts Dio after this act, and manages to best Dio in a fight. After, the psychopathic Dio kills JoJo's dog Danny.16


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