Timeline: 1871-1875



  • May 21. Five-year-old Peter Pan's parents are killed. He is sent to St. Norbert's School for Wayward Boys.
  • The Spirit of America first manifests as Uncle Sam.
  • July 20. The British colony of British Columbia confederates with Canada, becoming the sixth province.1
  • August 30. Workers on the C & O Railroad in West Virginia are alarmed by the work captain's introduction of a steam drill to the site. John Henry (31), a man of incredible strength and speed, challenges the idea that a machine can be faster than any man, and he agrees to a race. John Henry, over the next several hours, manages to pound enough spikes, and break through solid rock to get to the other side, while the drill breaks before it can reach the end, proving he is superior to the device. John Henry suddenly dies from the stress on his heart brought about by the intense labor and force.2
  • The town of Duckburg is founded in the Calisota Special Reservation in California.


  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown () meet Kaveetch aliens Meredid and Leandra Roath, who had traveled to Earth to escape the eradication of their species, who were wiped out by their own creations, the Sontarans. They work to create a virus that kills the Sontaran clones, but they are stopped, and come in direct conflict with the Sontarans and the Rutans, and decide to move on and try and repopulate their species.3
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Charley Pollard (), and C'rizz go to a saloon in the western United States and the Doctor plays poker. A slightly older same incarnation shows up, accompanied by Lucie Miller (), and joins the game. They are further observed by a dying sixth incarnation of the Doctor and his companion Evelyn Smythe ().4
  • The vampire Carmilla successfully seduces a number of young women in the Styria region of Austria, draining their lives. A plucky young noblewoman, Laura, begins to figure out who Carmilla is, eventually coming to learn she is a vampire. With help of other nobles and a vampire hunter, Carmilla is destroyed.5
  • November 5. Incumbent President and Republican candidate Ulysses S. Grant defeats former New York congressman Horace Greeley in the United States presidential election.6
  • The Doctor, Ian Chesterton (34), Barbara Wright (31), and Vicki Pallister (17) arrive on the ship Mary Celeste. They quickly depart in the TARDIS. A ship full of Daleks arrives, causing the entire crew to abandon ship.7
  • December 5. The abandoned Mary Celeste is found near the Azores.8
  • Births: Ricochet Rabbit (April 17), Mary Worth (April 29), Alix Viktoria Helene Luise Beatrix of Hesse and by Rhine (June 6), John Calvin Coolidge Jr. (July 4)9, Klaatu (August 30)10, Henry Walton Jones (December 12)11


  • April 21. The android Kamelion is created on Gelsandor.
  • Alien visitors genetically alter a collection of gorillas. These gorillas found Gorilla City in western Africa, and hide their land from mainstream humanity.
  • May 21. Ethan Edwards (43) and Marty Pawley (23) finally encounter the Comanche chief Cicatriz at a temporary settlement. They are also reunited with Debbie Edwards, his captive for over five years. After a brief parlay, a confrontation ensues, with Ethan trying to kill Debbie for having become a "squaw". Marty prevents her murder, and he and Ethan barely escape alive, with Ethan wounded in the shoulder.12
  • July 1. The British colony of Prince Edward Island confederates with Canada, becoming its seventh province.13
  • July 11-12. Ethan Edwards (44) and Marty Pawley return to the homestead, interrupting the wedding between Lauren Jorgensen and Charlie McCorry. Marty, in love with Laurie, fights McCorry to a draw. In the aftermath, the Texas Rangers plan on a raid of the local Comanche village, relocated nearby, so as to slaughter Chief Cicatriz and his forces. Marty infiltrates the village to rescue Debbie Edwards, and ends up killing Cicatriz himself. Ethan scalps Cicatriz's corpse, and appears ready to kill Debbie, but ultimately relents, sparing her, as the Comanches are devastated. They bring Debbie to the Jorgensen home, and Ethan, his quest complete and finding no home there, departs again.14
  • September 11-12. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) accidentally brings Mary Shelley (18/1816) to Vienna in this year. There they encounter Cyberman survivors of an advanced scout being used as sideshow attractions and one madman's attempt to create a wooden replacement race for humanity. The Cybermen and the madman die.15
  • Other births: Hercule Poirot (April 1), Randolph Carter (August 20)


  • Jonah Hex (35) is captured by his Apache father, who intends to kill him. Jonah ends up rescuing his girlfriend from his father and kills him.
  • Railroad worker Jake Bart is appointed the sheriff of the western American town of Rock Ridge.16
  • Anna Karenina, wife of Alexei Karenin, begins an affair with handsome young cavalier Alexei Vronsky.17


  • March. The Black Panther (32), his quantum counterpart (42), Everett Ross (28), and others, are transported to this time from 2003 by the mystical brass Frogs, to Alberdine, Texas, where they team up with Western vigilante heroes Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt, and Two-Gun Kid to fight Loki Laufeyson. They are able to return to their own time.
  • June 8. The droid Dot Matrix is first activated in Druish space.
  • Jonah Hex marries a woman named Mei Ling.


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