Timeline: 1870



  • Several more states are readmitted to the United States, including Virginia (January 26), Mississippi (February 23), Texas (March 30), and Georgia (July 15).1
  • January. Thomas Brewster takes a job after being dropped off from the TARDIS, but an accident brings the Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe back into his life. Together they face the threat of ironic creatures that hate technology. Brewster disappoints the Doctor by killing one of the creatures. After the Doctor and Evelyn depart, Brewster begins a business venture with an alien, setting off for the planet Carlia.2
  • Plain and tall Sarah Wheaton comes to the prairie home of Jacob Witting in order to pursue potential marriage. She befriends the children Anna and Caleb.3
  • June 9. Charles Dickens (58) dies.4
  • July 15. The Hudson Bay Company cedes its possessions Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory in North America to the Dominion of Canada. These lands form the Northwest Territories. Part of the territory is carved out to form the province of Manitoba, fifth province of Canada.5
  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amy Pond (27), and Rory Williams (26) (both 2015) visit the town of Mercy, Nevada. They help a town defend against a deadly cyborg vigilante, who seeks war criminals from an alien conflict. The Doctor faces a moral dilemma for a time. After the war criminal's self-sacrifice, the cyborg remains in Mercy as a defender.6
  • October 20-21. While trying to negotiate with a local Native American Indian group for a new blanket, Marty Pawley (20) accidentally negotiates himself a wife in the chief's daughter White Goose Flying Over Night Sky. She follows and briefly joins Marty and his compatriot Ethan Edwards (41), suffering their emotional and physical abuse, and taking the odd nickname of "Look". Hoping to impress Marty with information, she leaves them to find intelligence about the Comanche Chief Cicatriz.7
  • October 23. Marty Pawley and Ethan Edwards come across the tail-end of a massacred of Native American Indians by members of the U.S. Army Cavalry. They find the murdered body of White Goose Flying Over Night Sky.8


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