Timeline: 1869



  • Leo Tolstoy publishes his novel War and Peace.1
  • March 4. Ulysses S. Grant (46) is sworn in as eighteenth President of the United States.2
  • April 18-19. Ethan Edwards (39) and Marty Pawley (19) return to west Texas after having lost the trail of the Comanche war party after a year of tracking. Marty has a fiery reunion with Laurie Jorgensen, who wants him to stay and marry her. He ultimately follows Ethan back to searching for Debbie Edwards.3
  • April 22. After getting some information from Jerem Futterman about the whereabouts of Chief Cicatriz, Ethan Edwards suspects a double-cross, and lays a trap for Futterman's ambush. Ethan kills Futterman and his two associates.4
  • August 15. A traveling troupe of comedic performers in the Calabria region of Italy are rocked by the lead actor Canio's murder of his wife Nedda and her lover Silvio while performing onstage. The fatal confrontation is instigated by another performer, Tonio, who is in love with Nedda.5
  • October 8. Former United States President Franklin Pierce (64) dies from cirrhosis of the liver.6
  • December 24. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (19/2005), visit Cardiff, Wales in this era. They and author Charles Dickens (57) stop the Gelth from invading Earth by way of animating corpses.7


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