Timeline: 1868



  • March. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa use Block Transfer calculations to send them back in time, with the Doctor accidentally creating an alternate past where Adric survived and went insane. Upon returning, the reformed crazed ancient alternate Adric dies, and the TARDIS returns with Thomas Brewster, who is invited to join the Doctor and Nyssa on the TARDIS.
  • The Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, and Vicki Pallister visit London, and after listening to a lecture by Thomas Huxley, they investigate mysterious disappearances in tunnels. Encountering the reborn Animus and its Zarbi slaves, Barbara and Vicki are enslaved, until Ian hits the Animus with a train. The Doctor is congratulating himself when Ian, Barbara, and Vicki disappear, abducted by an alternate future Adam Mitchell.1
  • April 3. Ethan Edwards (38) returns to his family's homestead in west Texas after fighting in the Mexican-French conflict. He is reunited with his brother Aaron, sister-in-law Martha, and their children Lucy, Ben, and Debbie, and their adopted son Marty Pawley (18).2
  • April 5. While most of the men of the area, including Ethan Edwards and Marty Pawley, are off investigating the disappearance of a cow as part of a mission of the Texas Rangers, a Comanche war party led by the vengeful Chief Cicatriz ("Scar"). They murder Aaron, Martha, and Ben Edwards, and abduct Lucy and Debbie.3
  • April 6-7. A group of men deputized as Texas Rangers, including Ethan Edwards and Marty Pawley, set out seeking to rescue Lucy and Debbie Edwards. They are ambushed and forced to flee. Ethan, Marty, and Lucy's fiance Brad Jorgensen decide to continue their quest to rescue the girls.4
  • April 11-12. After Ethan Edwards discovers the brutalized corpse of Lucy Edwards, he later reveals to her fiance Brad Jorgensen her fate. In a fit of rage and grief, Brad assaults the campground of the Comanche group that had killed Lucy, and is killed himself.5 [[/footnote]]
  • June 1-2. The submarine Nautilus comes across the wreckage of the French ship Vengeur de Peuple. A British warship comes upon it as well, and after several hours, Captain Nemo (50), in a fit of vengeance, has Nautilus attack and sink the warship, killing its entire crew.6
  • June 22. Arkansas is formally readmitted to the United States.7
  • June 22. Pierre Aronnax (41), Paul Conseil (31), and Ned Land (47) escape Nautilus by stealing the attached dinghy. Nautilus enters the Moskenstraumen off the coast of Norway. Aronnax and his cohorts are rescued by Norwegian fishermen.8
  • Several more Confederate states are formally readmitted to the Union: Florida (June 25), North Carolina (July 4), South Carolina (July 9), and Alabama (July 13).9
  • A coach carrying the wealthy Joestar family, George and Mary and their infant son Jonathan, suffers a fatal crash, with Mary and the driver dying. Criminal Dario Brando and his wife come across the scene, and Brando attempts to pilfer the bodies. George, knocked unconscious, comes to, and believes Brando to be his and his son's savior, and swears a debt to him.10
  • November 3. Republican candidate General Ulysses S. Grant (46) defeats former New York governor and Democratic candidate Horatio Seymour in the United States presidential election.11


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