Timeline: 1867



  • February 28. The child Tan Egypt comes into existence in his namesake country.
  • March 1. The Nebraska Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Nebraska, the thirty-seventh state of the Union.1
  • March 30. The United States purchases Russia's North American territory, primarily on the Alaska peninsula. This is negotiated by William Seward, and so for a time is known as Seward's Folly.2
  • In the Canary Islands, Ricardo Alperto's wife Isabella is dying of tuberculosis. Ricardo attempts to get a doctor, but the man refuses to help. Ricardo accidentally kills the doctor, but takes the medicine, to find Isabella has already died. He is soon arrested and imprisoned for the murder of the doctor. In the aftermath, Ricardo is sold into slavery by the authorities, to Captain Magnus Hanso of the British freight vessel Black Rock.
  • May 29. The Austrian Empire formally reorganizes as the Austro-Hungarian Empire as the Diet of the Kingdom of Hungary ratifies a compromise, raising Hungary to the level of a coequal state within the dual monarchy.3
  • May 29. The Tans Austria and Hungary formally wed.
  • July 1. The Constitution Act goes into effect in Canada, establishing the independent Dominion of Canada, which is comprised of four provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.4
  • The Black Rock is caught in a storm near the mystical Island. It crashes into the giant statue of Tawaret, destroying it. The Smoke Monster kills all of the crew save for Ricardo Alperto. The guardian Jacob grants Ricardo immortality in exchange for becoming his agent.
  • August 25. Michael Faraday (75) dies.5
  • August 27. Dr. Michaela Quinn () arrives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and begins her pioneer medical career.
  • November 5-7. The United States Navy vessel Abraham Lincoln, after several months at sea, in the northern Pacific Ocean, finally encounters the mysterious "sea monster" that has occasionally run afoul of vessels over the last year. The ship chases the monster, but is unable to catch up to it. At one point, the crew fires upon it, but it seems to suffer no damage. Late on the second evening, harpoonist Ned Land (46) throws his harpoon at the monster, causing it to ram Abraham Lincoln. Marine biologist Pierre Aronnax (40) is thrown off the ship. His manservant Paul Conseil (30) dives in after him, and saves him from drowning. The two survive for hours in the water, until they come upon Ned Land, who sits upon the monster's surface. They realize the monster is a ship.6
  • November 7. Pierre Aronnax, Paul Conseil, and Ned Land are brought inside the giant fish-shaped submarine, and meet some of the crew, including the mysterious captain, "Nemo" (). After being fed twice and clothed, they are forced to accept the ship, the Nautilus, as their new home.7
  • November 14-15. Nyssa () materializes in London, and is reunited with the Doctor (fifth incarnation), who has been stranded in London for a year. They pursue the thieving Thomas Brewster, and discover his involvement with deadly phantom life forms from a possible future 2008. Brewster's friend Will Pickins and the Doctor's assistant Robert McIntosh are killed in the conflict. Brewster steals the TARDIS, and the Doctor and Nyssa leave by recovering another version of the TARDIS, following Brewster.8


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