Timeline: 1866



  • March. Mysterious aliens invade London. Visitors Henry Fleming and John Henry are pulled into the resistance, which is spearheaded by United States President Abraham Lincoln (56/1865), pulled from the moment before his death by mysterious benefactors the Aegis. Aboard the advanced airship the Lady Liberty, Henry and John are recruited into Lincoln's strange group Strike Force Engaging the Alien Menace. Other agents of S.T.E.A.M. join in the battle, some from other time periods, including white American boy trickster Tom Sawyer (12/1845), Never Never Land Amerind princess Tiger Lily (12/1904), Black Amazon Queen of the island of California Califia, the mystically surviving Polynesian sailor Queequeg (26/1851), and the mysterious Fox. The battle crosses space-time to also engage the Land of Oz in 1901 and Miskatonic University in 1928. Dorothy Gale (17), the Scarecrow (36), Cowardly Lion (44), and Tin Woodsman (38) join in the battle, as does Professor Randolph Carter (55). The Symqurean heroes Marth (21/20995), Ike (20/29008), Lucina (21/30115), and Robin (20/30115) are also brought into the fight. The aliens, who turn out to be creations of a Shugguth and are seeking the Necronomicon, are ultimately driven off.1
  • March 4. While prospecting for gold with a friend in Arizona, John Carter gets caught up in a battle with Apache locals. While hiding in a cave, Carter suddenly dies, his soul transporting across space to the surface of Mars, where it comes to occupy a replica of his old body. Finding himself augmented to survive on the Martian surface, Carter sets out to explore his environs, learning of its name of Barsoom.2
  • May 11. The Daleks blackmail Edward Waterfield into helping them capture the Doctor, as they take his daughter Victoria (14) hostage.3
  • May 20. John Henry marries his longtime love Polly Woodard. She gives him a hammer whose head is forged from metal made from melted shackles.
  • Early June. The Doctor (second incarnation) and Jamie McCrimmon (23) are kidnapped to this era. The Daleks force the Doctor to seek out the "human factor", and the Doctor uses this human influence to alter many of the Daleks. Ending up on Skaro, they escape with Victoria Waterfield, but Edward dies in the attempt.4
  • July 24. Tennessee is the first Confederate state to be formally readmitted to the United States.5
  • August 20. Jonah Hex (27) is reunited with his former owner's tribe. He begins a duel with Noh-Tante, who cheats. When faced with certain death, Jonah uses a knife against Noh-Tante, killing him. As punishment for violating the rules, the right side of Jonah's face is severely damaged by a heated tomahawk. His Apache father calls this "the Mark of the Demon".
  • November. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) arrives in London in the TARDIS, which requires repairs. He takes up a false identity as scientist Dr. Walters in London, and takes on an assistant in young Robert McIntosh.6
  • December. Jonah Hex (28) takes on his first bounty hunting job, capturing a former army buddy.


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