Timeline: 1862



  • May 4. An English girl named Alice Liddell follows a White Rabbit down its hole, and is transported to the bizarre pocket realm called Wonderland. There she encounters many of the land's bizarre and insane denizens, most of whom can speak. She consumes food and drink that changes her size; she meets a giant caterpillar smoking a hookah; at the home of a Duchess she meets the Cheshire Cat, who can turn invisible save for his hideous grin; she attends a mad tea party with the Hatter Jefferson, the March Hare, and a sleepy Dormouse; she meets the Queen of Hearts (secretly the sorceress Cora) and plays croquet with her, using flamingo mallets; she meets a Gryphon and the sad Mock Turtle; she then attends the trial of the Knave of Hearts for stealing tarts. Alice changes size again during the proceeding, causing great disruption. The Queen calls for Alice's execution, and she flees, making it back home.1


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