Timeline: 1861-1865



  • In rapid succession, several southern states secede from the United States. They are Mississippi (January 9), Florida (January 10), Alabama (January 11), Georgia (January 19), Louisiana (January 26), and Texas (February 1).1
  • January 29. The state of Kansas is admitted to the United States as the thirty-third state. It is formed from most of the Kansas Territory.2
  • February 4. The breakaway nations of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana confederate in the Confederate States of America.
  • March 2. Texas accedes to the Confederate States.3
  • March 4. Abraham Lincoln (52) is sworn in as sixteenth President of the United States.4
  • April 12. With the Battle of Fort Sumter, the American Civil War erupts between the United States of America and the breakaway Confederate States of America.5
  • April 16. At Twin Oaks plantation in Clayton County, Georgia, Ashley Wilkes (21), holding a barbecue, announces his engagement to his cousin Melanie Hamilton (17). During the event, a heartbroken Scarlett O'Hara (16) meets South Carolinian Rhett Butler (33), who admonishes the crowd of young men's foolish belief that a pending war with the United States would be easy or successful for the Confederacy. Later, the guests learn of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's call for volunteers to shut down the insurrection, to cheers. In a fit of pique, Scarlett accepts the marriage proposal of Melanie's brother Charlie Hamilton.6
  • Several more states secede from the United States: Virginia (April 17), Arkansas (May 6), Tennessee (May 7), and North Carolina (May 20).7
  • April 30. Scarlett O'Hara and Charles Hamilton marry.8
  • May 1. Melanie Hamilton and Ashley Wilkes marry.9

Several more states accede to the Confederacy: Virginia (May 7), North Carolina (May 21), and Tennessee (July 2).10

  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Fenella Wibbsey (71), stranded in the past, search Hexford, and eventually find the amnesiac Boolin and Alex Robotov, who have been here for ten years, with the identities Bewley and Andrew. They discover that the Skishtari egg has been harnessed subconsciously by Alex to create a fictional universe where he transports those who upset him. An out of control Alex/Andrew transports himself, the Doctor, Mrs. Wibbsey, and others into the fiction, and Alex becomes Aladdin. Through the manipulation of the fiction, the Doctor uses the djinn (his scarf) to send them all back, and uses the final wish to transport them all to 2010 after burying the egg below the future location of Nest Cottage.11
  • August. Jonah Hex (22) enlists in the Confederate Army.


  • January 18. Former United States President John Tyler (71), living in the Confederacy, dies from complications due to dysentery.
  • May 4. An English girl named Alice Liddell (7) follows a White Rabbit down its hole, and is transported to the bizarre pocket realm called Wonderland. There she encounters many of the land's bizarre and insane denizens, most of whom can speak. She consumes food and drink that changes her size; she meets a giant caterpillar smoking a hookah; at the home of a Duchess she meets the Cheshire Cat, who can turn invisible save for his hideous grin; she attends a mad tea party with the Hatter Jefferson, the March Hare, and a sleepy Dormouse; she meets the Queen of Hearts (secretly the sorceress Cora) and plays croquet with her, using flamingo mallets; she meets a Gryphon and the sad Mock Turtle; she then attends the trial of the Knave of Hearts for stealing tarts. Alice changes size again during the proceeding, causing great disruption. The Queen calls for Alice's execution, and she flees, making it back home.12
  • July 24. Former United States President Martin Van Buren dies of asthma and heart failure.13
  • Births: Ellie Higson (February 1), Nick Chopper (August 10), Dorian Gray (November 8)


  • January 1. United States President Abraham Lincoln (53) issues the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring the majority of the slaves in the United States and those in rebellion in the Confederacy free of their slave status.
  • Jonah Hex (24) surrenders to the Union Army.
  • Jonah Hex's troop is slaughtered by Union forces, leading some to believe he betrayed them.
  • January 10. The Metropolitan Railway opens in London, the first underground railway in the world.
  • January 10. The Silurian Vastra (54) awakes, and seeks revenge for her sisters' deaths during the construction of the Metropolitan Railway. She kills five commuters before meeting the Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and joins him as a traveling companion, regretting her actions.
  • April 30-May 6. Union forces attempt a major offensive near the town of Chancellorsville, Virginia. The 504th regiment is among the Union's forces there, which includes Private Henry Fleming (18). The advance is ultimately unsuccessful.14
  • May 2. Jonah Hex accidentally shoots Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson (39) at Chancellorsville.
  • May 2-3. Young soldier Henry Fleming, at Chancellorsville, engages in battle alongside his regiment. In the second encounter, as his line is overwhelmed, he deserts, overcome with fear. He wanders around, coming across a parade of wounded soldiers, including his longtime friend Jim Conklin, who is delirious from blood loss. Jim soon dies, and Henry flees again. In his wanderings, he is hit in the head with a rifle by another fleeing soldier, giving him a wound. He makes it back to his regiment, where he allows his fellows to believe he was wounded during the battle (though he later confesses to fellow young soldier Tom Wilson). The next day, he participates in the battle, where he acts foolhardy. Another engagement later that day results in the near-maniacal Henry taking up the flag of the fallen flag-bearer and heading unarmed directly at the Confederate line. He survives unscathed and the Union forces overtake that Confederate position.15
  • May 10. General Stonewall Jackson (39) dies from pneumonia complicated by his arm's amputation from an errant bullet.16
  • June 20. The western counties of Virginia secede from that state, currently in rebellion against the United States as part of the Confederacy. This territory is admitted to the Union as the state of West Virginia, the thirty-fifth state.17
  • November 19. United States President Abraham Lincoln (54) delivers the Gettysburg Address at a battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
  • November 20. Time-traveling teens Bill Preston (16) and Ted Logan (16) (both 1989) abduct Abraham Lincoln and take him on an excellent adventure, eventually returning him to moments after he left.18
  • November 23. Edith Rose Waterfield dies. She is survived by her daughter Victoria (11), and husband Edward.
  • Other births: Cyrus Gold (Monday, May 11), Frank Casey (August 14), Elphaba (December 9)


  • July 30. Nyssa () and Mulberry (1320) fall through a time tunnel to the site of the Battle of the Crater in Petersburg, Virginia. They meet Confederate slave Floyd, who is injured. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Wilton Tillington (2158) soon arrive in the TARDIS, and rescue the three of them, just as the mine explodes.

October 31. The Nevada Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Nevada, the thirty-sixth to be admitted.
November 8. Incumbent President Abraham Lincoln wins reelection to the presidency of the United States, defeating Democratic candidate Major General George B. McClellan.
November 24. Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa is born in Albi, France.


  • January 10. A scarecrow in Oz's Munchkin Country comes to life.
  • April 9. The American Civil War ends with the surrender of the Confederate States of America, though last shots are fired on July 22.19

April 14. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe () arrive in Washington, D.C. Meeting John Wilkes Booth (), he is apparently slain by "Oscar Wilde", another disguise of the mysterious Time Lord "Robert Knox". The Doctor and Evelyn stop an incursion by the Indo, while Booth is revealed to have feigned his death. Knox also fakes his own death.

  • April 14-15. While watching a play at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C., United States President Abraham Lincoln (56) is shot in the back of the head, assassinated by actor John Wilkes Booth. Vice President Andrew Johnson () is sworn in as seventeenth President of the United States.
  • April 23. Jonah Hex (26), Confederate soldier, once again surrenders to Union forces.
  • April 26. Assassin John Wilkes Booth () is shot in the neck and dies.20

May 10. Confederacy President Jefferson Davis is captured, bringing about the effective end of the Confederate States of America.
Thomas Brewster is sold by the orphanage to an evil man. He begins getting visions of his dead mother, and lets the evil man drown. He and best friend Will Pickins have a brief encounter with the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (), and Brewster's own future self (1867). Brewster and Pickins start living together, and begin stealing scientific equipment on order of Brewster's false mother.
The 1867 Thomas Brewster () steals the TARDIS again.



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