Timeline: 1851-1860



  • February 1. Mary Shelley (53) dies from a brain tumor.1
  • The United States government becomes aware of the electroplasmic creatures dwelling around Calisota, California. The government cordons off the area, and names it the "Calisota Special Reservation". The electroplasmic physics within the area cause it to become dimensionally transcendental.
  • The planet Ulibassas is destroyed. Thousands of Suliban survive the planet's destruction, and the race becomes nomadic.
  • July. Woodson Hex sells his son Jonah (12) to an Apache man.
  • July 31. Herman's creator creates a second homunculus, naming it Lurch.
  • Thomas Brewster's (4) mother commits suicide. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (25) briefly materialize at the funeral.2

The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Charley Pollard (20), and C'rizz visit the Great Exhibition. Split up, they each end up masquerading as others, with C'rizz having a short stint as a sideshow attraction. They also meet Duke of Wellington Arthur Wellesley.
September 12-13. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) visits London, and helps an alien refugee, Caval, realize his friends are actually evil, and don't care about killing thousands in order to leave Earth. Caval saves the Doctor's life.
November 2. Poopdeck Kidd is born.
December 24-25. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) visits London, meeting Jackson Lake, a man who believes himself to be the Doctor due to an accident involving the Cybermen. The Doctor and his allies face the Cyberman and a giant Cyber King robot.[2]


  • May 12. A war party of Comanche invades a homestead in west Texas. Among those killed is Mary Edwards, who is survived by her sons Ethan (22) and Aaron. Ethan rescues a toddler, Martin Pawley (2), whose parents are murdered in the attack. Ethan leaves the boy in the care of his brother despite suspecting he is the biological father.[1]

September 14. Arthur Wellesley (83), Duke of Wellington, dies.
November 2. Former New Hampshire Senator and Democratic candidate Franklin Pierce defeats Whig candidate General Winfield Scott in the United States presidential election.


  • March 4. Franklin Pierce () is sworn in as fourteenth president of the United States.

March 28. The United Kingdom and France declare war on Russia.
Jonah Hex (14) saves his owner from a puma. His owner, in gratitude, adopts Jonah as a son.
August 22. The young man called Pecos Bill (16) comes across his long-lost brother, who recognizes him as family. Bill's brother convinces him he is actually a human (as Bill has somehow learned English), gives him clothes, and takes him home.[3]
October 5. The Ottoman Empire declares war on Russia. This is the onset of the Crimean War.
December 30. The United States purchases a portion of northern Mexico. This is referred to by Americans as the Gadsen Purchase, as it is arranged by the American ambassador to Mexico, James Gadsen.
Births: Vincent Willem van Gogh (March 30)


Jonah Hex's (15) adoptive brother Noh-Tante leaves him for dead during a raid on a neighboring tribe.
The Time Lord Doctor (seventh incarnation) and scientist Michael Faraday have an encounter with the time-looping Jariden Colonel Ulrick and the Dalek Prime.
September 25-October 9. The Time Lord Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane arrive at the siege of Sevastopol in the Crimean War, having jumped back a few weeks to investigate reports that the Doctor betrayed the British. They are captured and separated. Ace is injured, and meets young Lev Tolstoy, while the Doctor meets up with the Czar. After making sure events play out, the Doctor reconnoiters with Ace and they escape in the TARDIS.
October 16. Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde is born in Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom.
October 17. The TARDIS arrives in Sevastopol during the Crimean War. Hex Schofield (2021) disembarks to spend some time nursing, and hopefully meet his hero Florence Nightingale. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane travel back in time a few weeks.
October 26. James Moriarty is born in Ireland, United Kingdom.
November 19. Hex Schofield meets Florence Nightingale. Her associate, a British noble who betrayed his people for the sake of peace, shoots Hex after learning of his association with the Doctor. The Doctor and Ace show up, and take him away in the TARDIS.
Births: William Sherlock Scott Holmes (January 6), Flintheart Glomgold (August 27)


January 26. Sardinia declares war on Russia.
February 5. Irene Adler is born in New Jersey, United States.
February 8. Clara Clayton is born in Camden, New Jersey, United States.
March 2. Czar Nicholas I of Russia dies of pneumonia.
Thomas Brewster is turned over to an orphanage.
March 18. Pecos Bill West (17) tames the horse Widow-Maker.
March 31. Charlotte Brontë (38) dies.
The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Stacy Townsend (26/2246), and Ssard (77/6672) visit Victorian England. They help a horse-like alien save his wife from a malevolent energy being, and Stacy is abducted by same, who kills a street urchin. The Doctor realizes a fake Stacy is an energy being, and forces them to return the real Stacy.
The homunculus Herman arrives in the United Kingdom. He meets the Munster family, who adopt him.[4]
Pecos Bill West (18) uses his mystical lariat to tame a tornado.


  • March 30. The Crimean War ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.3
  • November 4. Democratic candidate Minister James Buchanan (65) defeats Republican candidate and former California senator John C. Fremont, as well as American Party candidate and former U.S. President Millard Fillmore (55) in the United States presidential election.
  • Births: Sigismund Schlomo Freud (May 6), Nikola Tesla (July 10), Thomas Woodrow Wilson (December 28)4


  • March 4. James Buchanan (65) is sworn in as fifteenth President of the United States.5

May 10. Sepoys working for the British East India Company mutiny, setting off a revolt against British rule in northern India. Among the leaders of the movement is Prince Dakkar (39).[6]


May 11. The eastern portion of the Minnesota Territory is admitted as the thirty-first state, Minnesota, to the United States.
Births: Theodore Roosevelt Jr.[8] (October 27)


January 17. Ezra Jenkins (31) is murdered by bounty hunters searching for him as an escaped slave. The confluence of temporal energies due to his future ghost-self's own time-travel abilities, causes Ezra's soul to become caught within his own journal (due to his love of reading and writing), and he begins to lay dormant.[9]
February 14. The western portion of the Oregon Territory is admitted as the thirty-second state of the United States, Oregon.
February 14. A child named Anthony is born in Canada.
Jonah Hex's (20) fiance Cassie Wainwright is killed the day before their wedding.
The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe arrive on a train in the western United States. The Doctor is accused of murder, and Evelyn and the victim's daughter Rachel-Ann Donovan are able to stop the evil mayor of the town of Fortune, California.
December 8. The Duchies of Tuscany, Modena, and Parma unite to form the United Provinces of Central Italy.

  • Other births: Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (May 22), Henry McCarty (November 23)


January 5. George Washington Carver is born into slavery in Diamond Grove, Missouri, United States.
The vampires Claudia (71) and Louis de Pointe du Lac (93) attempt to kill their associate Lestat de Lioncourt (99). They leave him badly wounded, and depart New Orleans for Europe.[10]
Local vampires, at the behest of Lestat de Lioncourt, captures Louis de Pointe du Lac and Claudia. Claudia is executed by exposure to the sun.[11]
November 6. Former Illinois Congressman and Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln defeats his opponents in the United States presidential election. His opponents include Southern Democratic Party candidate and incumbent Vice President John Breckinridge, former Tennessee senator and Constitution Party candidate John Bell, and Democratic Party candidate and Illinois Senator Stephen Douglas.
December 24. The state of South Carolina declares its secession from the United States as the Republic of South Carolina. With that, the Spirit of America finds itself split into two beings, Billy Yank and Johnny Reb.


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