Timeline: 1846-1850



  • May 13. The United States declares war on Mexico, beginning the Mexican-American War.1
  • June 15. The Oregon Treaty is signed between the United States and United Kingdom, ending the dispute over the border between American and British claims.2
  • The vengeance-minded "Sweeney Todd" returns to London alongside sailor Anthony Hope. He briefly encounters his wife Lucy Barker, but does not recognize the thoroughly insane woman. He soon meets pie maker Nellie Lovett and begins renting a space from her, revealing he was the previous tenant Benjamin Barker.3
  • December 28. The Iowa Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Iowa. It is the twenty-ninth state to join the Union.4


  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Mike Yates arrive in the Murgin Pass in Prussia, and encounter a storyteller, whose muse is The Demon. They help the storyteller, Albert Tiermann, to liberate himself from the Demon's influence, and have himself experience emotions again. Mike and the Doctor hear a message from Mrs. Wibbsey and head back to the future to pick her up.


  • February 2. The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ends the Mexican-American War. Mexico cedes the majority of its northern half to the United States.5
  • February 21. Massachusetts Representative and former U.S. President John Quincy Adams (80) suffers a massive cerebral hemorrhage on the floor of the House.6
  • February 23. John Quincy Adams (80) dies from his injuries.7
  • May 29. The Wisconsin Territory is admitted as the thirtieth state of the United States as the state of Wisconsin.8
  • June. Virginia Hex runs away with a traveling salesman, abandoning her son Jonah (9) with his father.
  • August 12. George Stephenson (72) dies of pleurisy.
  • November 7. Major General and Whig candidate Zachary Taylor (63) defeats Michigan Senator and Democratic candidate Lewis Cass in the United States presidential election.9
  • December. Young teacher Ishmael Cox (24) travels from Manhattan to Nantucket, hopeful to set out on a whaling voyage. He stays at a boarding house where he ends up having to share a bed with the Polynesian "cannibal" Queequeg (24). He quickly falls in love with the impressive harpooner, who declares Ishmael his husband, but Ishmael somehow is unaware of his being gay. Ishmael and Queequeg eventually join the crew of the Pequod under the captaincy of Ahab Ceeley ().10
  • December 19. Emily Brontë (30) dies from tuberculosis.11
  • December 25. The whaling ship Pequod launches from Nantucket.12


  • May 28. Anne Brontë (29) dies from tuberculosis.13
  • Prince Dakkar (31) returns to Bundelkhand to begin his plans against British control in India.
  • October 7. Edgar Allan Poe (40) dies under mysterious circumstances.14
  • November 25. Martin Pawley is born on a homestead in west Texas. His mother is half-Cherokee, half-white. His biological father, Ethan Edwards (20), suspects he is the father.15


  • The town of Hill Valley, California is incorporated.
  • A crowd attempts to burn down the home of a pair of immortals who are losing their powers. The man of the pair saves them both, and they part again due to the threat.
  • July 10. A mad scientist, inspired by Dr. Victor Frankenstein's works as depicted in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, brings his first homunculus to life in Heidelberg, Baden. He names it Herman.
  • September 9. The state of California is admitted to the United States as the thirty-first state, carved from territory ceded from Mexico.16


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