Timeline: 1831-1840



  • June 5. At the funeral for the popular general Jean Maximilien Lamarque, a protest leads to a revolt led by Republican Parisian students. One of the ringleaders is Antinous Enjolras, leader of Les Amis de l'ABC.1
  • October 29. Belle (19), the daughter of Maurice Beaumont, exchanges her freedom for that of her father, and becomes the hostage of the mysterious Beast (20). She meets the various servants who have been turned into household objects as well, including Henri Cogsworth (48) (a clock), Beatrice Potts (67) (a tea kettle, alongside her children who are cups, including her youngest, Chip []), and Georges Lumiere ().2
  • November 5-7. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) arrives in a small town, Blandford, in England. There he has his third encounter with the alien Hornets, who control the Circus of Delights, who release their long-lived slave Antonio (who dies) and kill the bearded trapeze artist Francesca Farrow.3


  • January 31. After releasing her from her vow, Belle Beaumont (19) returns home. Attacked by Gaston Avenant (30) and imprisoned, Belle and Maurice are helpless as Gaston gathers a mob to kill the Beast. They attack the Beast's castle, and in a fearsome fight, Gaston mortally stabs the Beast, though he falls to his death in the process. Belle arrives too late, as the Beast dies from his wound. Belle declares her love for him, shattering the curse, restoring the Beast to his human form and restoring his life, and turning the servants (including Henri Cogsworth [49], Georges Lumiere [], Beatrice Potts [67], and Chip Potts []) back to their human forms as well.4


  • Irishman Gerald O'Hara, visiting Clayton County in northern Georgia, wins a swath of land in a poker game. He names the green land Tara.6
  • August 31. Married weirdos jovial vampire Sam Frump and witch Eudora Frump () find orphaned girls Lily and Morticia. They adopt them, with Eudora teaching them the art of sorcery.


  • September 19-20. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe () arrive at the Galapagos Islands just in time to meet Charles Darwin (23) on the eve of his thinking up his theory of natural selection. They discover that a sect of Silurians, led by Tulok, who had once genetically engineered some human ancestors, are on the verge of taking over the world and committing genocide. The Doctor and friends defeat them.7


  • February-March. The Battle of the Alamo is fought in San Antonio de Bexar, Texas, Mexico between the Mexican army (led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana) and Texian revolutionaries. The Texians are defeated with almost all lost, including former American congressman and folk hero Davy Crockett ().8
  • March 2. The Republic of Texas declares its independence from Mexico.9
  • June 15. The Arkansas Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Arkansas, the twenty-fifth state to join the Union.10
  • June 28. Former United States President James Madison () dies.11
  • December 24. Moneylender Jacob Marley (58) dies. He is sort-of mourned by his business partner Ebenezer Scrooge (50).12


  • January 26. The Michigan Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Michigan, the twenty-sixth state of the Union.13
  • March 4. Martin Van Buren () is sworn in as eighth President of the United States.14
  • April 12. Emily and Bob Cratchit's () sixth child, Timothy Cratchit, is born.
  • June 20. Queen Victoria () is crowned in the United Kingdom.15
  • Births: Stephen Grover Cleveland (March 18)16, William West (August 15)


  • February 15. As the West family travels west from a town near the Pecos River in Texas, their infant son Bill falls out of their covered wagon and into the Pecos River. He is taken downstream and eventually comes ashore. He is found by a pack of coyotes who, rather than eat him, decide to raise him as one of their own.

U.S. Cavalry soldier Max Crandall (18) gains super speed through the Speed Force, earning him the nickname "Ahwehota" by the Blackfoot peoples.
Richard Swift is transformed by an infusion of mystical energy, becoming the Shade.
Max Crandall, in a burst of speed, catapults 10 years forward in time.
November 5. Nicaragua secedes from Central America.
November 15. Honduras secedes from Central America.

  • Costa Rica secedes from Central America.17


  • The Terminan Arnus arrives on Earth, and becomes the infant Augustus Freeman.
  • April 17. Guatemala declares its independence from Central America.18
  • June 27. Mormon prophet Joseph Smith (33) and his brother Hyrum are murdered while in a jail cell in Carthage, Illinois.19


  • December 2. Former Ohio Senator and Whig candidate William Henry Harrison (67) defeats incumbent President and Democratic candidate Martin Van Buren () in the election for president of the United States.20
  • Births: Ashley Wilkes (April 16)21


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