Timeline: 1821-1830



  • May 5. Napoleon Bonaparte (51) dies in exile on St. Helena.1
  • July 15. Peru formally declares independence from Spain.2 The Tan Peru moves out of Spain's (590) house.

August 15. Horatio Magellan Crunch is born on Crunch Island in the electroplasmic region of California.
August 24. The Treaty of Cordoba is signed, in which the War of Mexican Independence comes to an end and Spain recognizes the independence of Mexico.



  • July 1. The United Provinces of Central America declares its independence from Mexico.4 The Tans Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica move out of Mexico's house.
  • September 21-22. Joseph Smith Jr. (16) is visited by the angel Moroni. Moroni instructs the boy that he is to be a prophet, and shows him the golden plates he had buried during his earthly existence.5


  • A sorcerer traps a number of Yo-Kai, including the innocent "butler" Whisper in a coin-operated capsule machine.6


  • December 1. Nicholas Romanov is crowned Czar of the Russian Empire.7


  • February 2. The TARDIS is pulled off-course to this time in England, carrying the Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (22). They encounter the Master (Tremas possession) and the Rani (second incarnation), and upset their plans. They are aided by George Stephenson, an engineer, and his assistant Luke Ward, who is turned into a tree.8
  • The newspaper Daily Planet publishes its first edition in Metropolis, Illinois.
  • July 4. Former United States President Thomas Jefferson (83) dies.9
  • July 4. Former United States President John Adams (90) dies.10


  • March 27. Ludwig van Beethoven (56) dies.11
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (56) meet the renegade time-traveler "Robert Knox" who has created a time-loop around the infamous Burke and Hare serial murders.12
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (22) visit Orlok, Baden. Discovering it terrorized by a "monster", they meet Frau Tod and her young adult children Greta and Hans, and eventually find out the youths are alien golems. They are targets of alien terrorists hoping to use them as super weapons, and they face other, mindless golems.13
  • September 22. The angel Moroni (1464) finally allows Joseph Smith (21) to dig up the golden plates.14
  • Other births: Ezra Jenkins (March 31), Pierre Aronnax (May 26)15, Lily (September 1)


  • May 5. Iris Wildthyme (third incarnation) meets English Captain Edwin Turner (26), who joins her on her space-time adventures.
  • Prince Dakkar (10) of Bundelkhand is sent to Europe to receive a European education.16


  • May 15. The ghost of John the Baptist appears to Joseph Smith (23) and his scribe Oliver Cowdery, and tries to lend them legitimacy in their attempts to write a new holy book to Christianity. The ghost names Smith the first Elder of this new Church of Christ, and names them both priests in the line of Aaron (brother of Moses).18
  • June. With the completion of the translation of the golden plates from Moroni's nonsense language ("reform Egyptian") to English, Joseph Smith returns the plates to Moroni.19


  • January 31. A sorceress, disguised as an unattractive old woman, appears at the castle home of French noble Adam on his 18th birthday. Shallow and vain, he rejects her when she asks for succor. After she gives him advice about beauty's superficial nature, he again rejects her. She then transforms into her true form, and curses him. She transforms him into a monster, and turns the castle dark and the servants into household objects. She gives him the out that if he can find true love, despite his monstrous appearance, by his 21st birthday, the curse will be broken.
  • March 26. Joseph Smith's The Book of Mormon is first published.21
  • Births: Morticia (April 28), Allan Quatermain (August 30)


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