Timeline: 1811-1815



  • October 19-26. Alexander Wolf comes across a trio of intelligent pigs (Browny/Fifer, Whitey/Fiddler, Blacky/Practical) in rural England. Using his extremely powerful breath, he blows down the recently constructed homes of the first two pigs, Browny and Whitey, and eats them alive in succession, as the straw and wood they used in their homes' construction is not strong enough to withstand his breath. His attempts to blow down the home of the third pig, Blacky, are fruitless due to the strong brick structure of the building. Alexander tries to coerce the pig over the next three days to come out, but the pig outsmarts him. Ultimately, a frustrated Wolf climbs into the pig's house's chimney, where he falls into a pot, and is boiled alive. The pig then eats him. Due to the wolf's mystical nature, he and the two other pigs reincarnate after some time.1


  • February 23. An immortal child comes into existence.
  • The Doctor, Steven Taylor (28), and Dodo Chaplet (19) arrive in Russia. They spend a few months there, and encounter Napoleon Bonaparte (42) and a shape-shifter before departing.2
  • April 30. The Territory of Orleans is admitted to the United States as the state of Louisiana, the eighteenth state of the Union.3
  • June 18. The War of 1812 begins as the United States declares war on the United Kingdom.4


  • The Spirit of America reappears as Brother Jonathan.
  • August 12. An English girl named Goldilocks Southey (6) happens upon the home of a family of intelligent bears: Winsome and Desmond, and their son Dudley. She breaks in, and treats herself to their food and a nap. While sleeping, she is discovered by the occupants, and flees.


  • February. The Doctor, Vicki Pallister (), and Steven Taylor () arrive at the River Thames Frost Fair. They meet author Jane Austen, and are confronted with the birth of the heat-absorbing Frostfire entity. Believed to be destroyed, the Frostfire somehow attaches itself to Vicki, leaving the era with her.5
  • July 28. Mary Godwin elopes with Percy Shelley.6


  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Heather McCrimmon (19/2009) arrive in Edinburgh and encounter Heather's ancestor. They help her defeat a malevolent parasite. Heather asks to join the Doctor on his travels.7

February 3. Richard Swift is born in London, England, United Kingdom.
February 18. The United States ratifies the Treaty of Ghent, officially ending the War of 1812 with Great Britain.
February 24. Robert Fulton () dies from tuberculosis.
June 17. The Doctor (second incarnation) and Serena arrive in Europe on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo. Serena dies taking a bullet for the Duke of Wellington.
June 18. The Battle of Waterloo takes place, resulting in the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Doctor (second incarnation) helps stop interference on the part of the Players. At the same time, the sixth Doctor, Flip Jackson, and Jared Ramon (both 2012) stop Davros and the Daleks from changing history.


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