Timeline: 1801-1810



  • January 1. The Acts of Union go into effect, resulting in the Kingdom of Great Britain formally merging with the Kingdom of Ireland to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.1
  • January 1. The Tan Ireland moves into England's house.
  • January 26. A child Tan comes into existence in the British New South Wales colony in New Holland.
  • February 15. Fitz Kreiner (33) remembers himself to create his first duplicate. He then goes off and joins the Faction Paradox.2
  • March 4. Thomas Jefferson (57) is sworn in as third president of the United States.3


  • Queen Strawberry Toadstool declares the sovereignty of the Mushroom Kingdom, uniting the Shrem, Toad, and Goomba races under one crown.


  • March 1. The state of Ohio, carved from the Northwest Territory, is admitted to the United States as the seventeenth state.4
  • July 4. The United States purchases from France a vast stretch of land west of the Mississippi River.5
  • October 2. Samuel Adams (81) dies.


  • December 5. United States President Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican) () defeats Federalist candidate Ambassador Charles Pinckney in the presidential election.6
  • Births: Franklin Pierce (November 23)


September 12. The Doctor (second incarnation) and Serena save Lord Horatio Nelson and the Duke of Wellington Arthur Wellesley from a bomb. They then travel to Paris, where Robert Fulton's submersible is sabotaged by interfering with the atomic drive the Contessa set up.
October 21. Admiral Horatio Nelson dies at the Battle of Trafalgar.
October 22. Rufus (49/2688), Bill Preston (16/1988), and Ted Logan (16/1988) arrive in Austria in their time-traveling phone booth. When they depart, Napoleon Bonaparte (36) is accidentally pulled into the time vortex in the vessel's wake. Bill and Ted later return Napoleon to the same date.


  • February 23. Elderly trapper Natty Bumppo (85) passes away while living among the Pawnee tribe.7


  • January 6. York magic scholars John Segundus and Brian8 Honeyfoot meet the reclusive magician Gilbert Norrell in their search for a reason for the decline of practical magic. Norrell uses magicks to confound Segundus and Mr. Honeyfoot while telling them he is a practical magician.9
  • February 20. Unpleasant magician Gilbert Norrell, in proving his magical proficiency, causes the statues of York Cathedral to become temporarily animated. Having agreed to disband if Norrell proved his ability, all but John Segundus (who had not agreed to the terms of the bet) of the Learned Society of York Magicians were forced to disavow magic and give up their interest.10


  • March 13. Nominal King Christian VII (59) of Denmark-Norway dies of a stroke. He is succeeded by his son and Prince Regent Frederick VI (40).11



  • May. The Kingdom of Hawai'i is formally established in the Hawaiian Islands under King Kamehameha.13
  • The Tan Hawai'i builds a house.
  • Time-travelers Mr. Peabody (5) and his son Sherman Peabody (7) (both 1959) visit Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • September 16. Mexico declares independence from Spain.14
  • Mysterious forces kidnap Milanese girl Adeleine Ado and turn her into a magic paint-spewing immortal monster.


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