Timeline: 1800-1701 BCE


1800 BCE

1799 BCE

  • October 27. Jacob (147), son of Isaac, dies.1

1795 BCE

  • March 20. Joseph (120), son of Jacob, dies.2

1792 BCE

  • Hammurabi (18-19) ascends to become King of Babylon. He founds an Empire.

1762 BCE

  • The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and the Karkinian Ali (19/17620) travel to the court of Hammurabi (49) to face a Starman. When the Doctor faces execution at the hands of the guards, Ali goes berserk, and attacks the guards. This gives him the chance to ride Ali onto the Starman's back, and send it to another dimension. In the aftermath, Ali violently attacks more guards who are giving the Doctor praise, and the Doctor decides she is too dangerous to travel with him.3

1750 BCE

  • August 21. King Hammurabi (61) of Babylon dies.

1744 BCE

1728 BCE

1725 BCE

  • March. The Gorgon Medusa (758) conquers the Goddess of Light Palutena's (391) "Angel Land" realm. The adolescent angel Pit (236) sets out on a quest to liberate Angel Land. He defeats Medusa's minions, including Eggplant Wizards, and liberates the land with the use of the Three Sacred Treasures. As a reward for his good deed, Palutena promotes Pit to captain of her guard.4

1718 BCE

  • Dionysus (180) runs into Hephaestus (662), and gets him drunk. He convinces Hephaestus to take his rightful place on Olympus.


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