Timeline: 1781-1790



  • December 12. Mel Bush () is temporally displaced to this time from 2003. Hitting her head and suffering from temporal misalignment, she meets her ancestor Henry Hallam, who takes her in, but has her drugged.1


  • The vampire Magnus turns a young Frenchman, Lestat de Lioncourt (21), into a vampire.2
  • June 20. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and John Hallam (2003) come to Mel Bush's (27) rescue six months late. Her memories restored, the three leave, and Henry Hallam finally confronts his grief over the loss of his wife the year prior.3
  • Births: Martin Van Buren (December 5)4


  • The Tan America () has a final confrontation with the the Tan England (). The two remain cool to each other for most of the next century.
  • The United States of America is formally recognized in the Treaty of Paris.
  • Births: Henri Cogsworth (October 31)


  • Births: Zachary Taylor (November 24)5.




  • December 7. Delaware is the first state in the United States confederation to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
  • December 12. The state of Pennsylvania ratifies the U.S. Constitution.
  • December 18. The state of New Jersey ratifies the U.S Constitution.


  • Many of the states ratify the United States Constitution: Georgia (January 2), Connecticut (January 9), Massachusetts (February 6), Maryland (April 28), South Carolina (May 23), New Hampshire (June 21), Virginia (June 25), and New York (July 26).
  • A Time Lord agent of the Celestial Intervention Agency visits Jamie McCrimmon (71) and briefly restores his memories.6


  • April 30. General George Washington (57) is sworn in as first President of the United States of America.
  • September 23. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) rescues the boy Jason (), Marquis de Saint Epiman de Sinee de la Tour, from the guillotine. Hours later, he reappears again and is nearly beheaded, but is once again rescued by the Doctor.7
  • October 5. A Versailles mob attempts to execute time-traveling dog (from 2014) Mr. Peabody (9) by guillotine, but he cleverly escapes with his son Sherman (7).8
  • November 21. The state of North Carolina ratifies the U.S. Constitution.9
  • Births: Claudia (April 12)


  • April 17. Benjamin Franklin (84) dies from pleurisy.10
  • May 29. Rhode Island is the last of the original thirteen colonies to ratify the United States Constitution.11
  • October. Schoolteacher Ichabod Crane () is assaulted by the "Headless Horseman", in reality a disguised jerk. Crane flees the hamlet of Sleepy Hollow and doesn't return. The townsfolk never discover Crane's whereabouts.12


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