Timeline: 1771-1780




  • May 20. Rip van Winkle (36), a villager in the Catskill Mountains, heads into the forest to avoid his wife. He encounters the ghosts of Henry Hudson and his crew playing nine-pins, and they give him something to drink. He falls asleep, his life force sustained by the ghosts.1



  • May 10. Louis XV dies of smallpox. He is succeeded as King of France by his grandson, Louis XVI.
  • Kandor youth Seg (22) finds himself caught up in politics, as he saves Krypton's Voice of Rao from a suicide bomber member of the group Black Zero. Chief Magistrate Daron-Vex offers Seg the chance to join the House of Vex as a result, hoping to bond his daughter Nyssa to him. After running into the mysterious Adam Strange, Seg finds himself caught up in altercations with the policing force the Saggitarai. Rescued by his mother Charys, he is brought to his grandfather's "Fortress of Solitude". After returning to Kandor, Charys protects Seg by surrendering to the authorities. At the tribunal, Charys is questioned intensely, refusing to name Seg as her accomplice. Seg's father Ter confesses, and he and Charys attack the guards, and are slain by Jayna-Zod. Grief-stricken, Seg runs into Adam Strange again, who warns of the coming of Brainiac and shows him his future grandson's cape, which is temporally unwinding. Seg does not believe him.2
  • Seg begins planning to kill Daron-Vex for his parents' deaths. Returning to the Fortress, Seg activates an A.I. based on Val-El, who informs him of the threat of Brainiac as well. Adam Strange teams up with Seg's friend Kem to get evidence of Brainiac to prevent Seg's vengeful actions. They find Brainiac's probe, and Seg decides he will not kill Daron-Vex, and will join the Science Guild, but not accept admission to the House of Vex.3
  • Lyta-Zod, learning of the upcoming push to root out Black Zero by ransacking the Rankless slums, challenges her superior Quex-Ul to a Kandorian duel to the death, winning and gaining his position.4
  • As the Saggitarai begin raiding the Rankless areas, Seg, Kem, and Adam Strange learn Kem's sister Rhom has been hijacked by the Brainiac probe, transforming her into a techno-organic puppet. Rhom kills several Saggitarai, resulting in an officer, Kol-Da, murdering a Rankless. Lyta-Zod has her arrested. Seg gets a device that disrupts electronics from Lyta, disabling Rhom, and escaping with her.5


  • April 18. Paul Revere (40) rides a horse through various towns to warn of encroaching British soldiers. Hearing Revere's call, Jonathan Muddlemore (40) and his cat Boo hide in a clock. They soon find themselves trapped. He and the cat asphyxiate, and the clock's mystical nature causes Muddlemore's and the cat's essences to remain trapped within.
  • Births: Jane Austen (December 16)


  • May 15. The Virginia government declares its independence from Great Britain.6
  • July 4. The united States of America (the colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware [carved from Pennsylvania], New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia) declare their independence from Great Britain with the ratification of the Declaration of Independence.
  • July 4. Using a mystic parchment, a group of the American revolutionaries, having ratified a Declaration of Independence, create an entity embodying the unity of the colonies against the British Empire. This entity, the Spirit of America, soon manifests as the heroic Minuteman.


  • January 15. Representatives from the territory disputed between the rebellious colonies of New Hampshire and New York declare their independence from both Great Britain and the respective provinces as the Vermont Republic.7



  • February 14. James Cook (50) is killed in an encounter with natives on the island of Hawai'i.
  • August 26. In a prison in Toulon, France, a Roma woman gives birth to a boy. She has him baptized and named Nicu Javert.8



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