Timeline: 1761-1770



  • July 9. Russian Emperor Peter III is overthrown in a bloodless coup. His wife, Catherine II (41), is installed as Empress.


  • April 15. Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson (42), Madame de Pompadour, dies from tuberculosis. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) arrives shortly after her death, having failed to take her away from her fate. He meets King Louis XV (54), who gives him a letter she wrote.1
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (26/1976) visit England, and run into one of the Doctor's old friends, renegade Time Lady Iris Wildthyme (third incarnation). They face an alien were-tiger trying to marry off her daughter. They leave Iris's companion Captain Edwin Turner (27) stranded in the era. He comes to marry the were-tiger.2




  • July 11. John Quincy Adams is born in Braintree, Massachusetts Bay Colony. His father is John Adams.
  • Births: Andrew Jackson (March 15)3, Barfolomew (May 19)


  • The TARDIS arrives in Venice, and the Hornet Swarm leaves the Doctor (fourth incarnation) to enter a 13-year-old dwarf named Antonio. The Doctor and his wolfhound Captain fail to find him.4
  • September. A British sailing vessel is caught in currents that drag it southward toward the as yet undiscovered Antarctica. As the crew is exposed to colder and colder weather, an albatross appears to them. The albatross appears to lead the ship out of the frigid temperatures. Tom Shelvocke (38), one of the mariners aboard, inexplicably kills the albatross with a crossbow as it lands on the deck.5
  • October. The sailing vessel on which Tom Shelvocke serves drifts into still equatorial waters. The crew begins to die of thirst, and they make Shelvocke wear the body of the albatross around his neck so as to appease any malevolent spirits. Before the crew starts dying, a ghost ship comes alongside. Aboard are Death and Life in Death. They wager, with Death winning the crew and Life in Death winning Shelvocke.6
  • November. After the crew has died off, Tom Shelvocke remains alive aboard his ship, unable to die and now rendered immortal. After finally taking care to love beautiful sea creatures, spirits possess the corpses of the crew and steer it back to the English shore. The ship sinks, and Shelvocke is rescued by some Englishmen in a boat. Shelvocke understands it is his duty to tell his story, and begins wandering.7



  • March. The Doctor's TARDIS arrives on the HMS Endeavour. The Doctor and Ian Chesterton () are forced to join the crew as the TARDIS, carrying Susan Foreman and Barbara Wright (), is thrown overboard. Susan gets the TARDIS to attach to the ship.
  • April 28. The TARDIS crew is reunited as Europeans from Endeavour make first landing on the Australian coast at the soon-to-be-named Botany Bay. The TARDIS departs.


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