Timeline: 1751-1760



  • Births: Solis (March 11), James Madison Jr. (March 16)1, Seg-El (October 17)




  • May 28. With tensions rising in North America between the French and British colonial empires, a first shot is fired as British colonial forces attack the French Fort Duquesne. The British are led by Major George Washington (23). The British are successful, as they kill 10 French soldiers, including their leader.3




  • August. A group of British soldiers, escorting the daughters of Scottish colonel George Monro (57), Cora and Alice, is ambushed by Huron and French forces. All the British die save for the women and Duncan Heyward, who are rescued by the Mohicans Chingachgook (42) and his son Uncas, and the European-raised-by-natives Natty Bumppo (also called Hawkeye) (37). They manage to get the survivors to Fort William Henry, where they are reunited with General Monro. Cora finds herself sexually stimulated by Hawkeye. The fort is subsequently besieged by the French and the Hurons after betrayal by the double agent and revenge-obsessed Magua. The British parley with the French and negotiate a surrender. They depart the fort, but are ambushed by the Hurons, and a second massacre occurs, with many of the fort's occupants captured. Monro himself is killed by Magua, who cuts out his heart. Hawkeye, Chingachgook, and Uncas manage to survive and attempt to rescue Cora, Alice, and Heyward by meeting with the Huron chief. Ultimately, Uncas dies trying to save one of the women, leaving Chingachgook Last of the Mohicans. Chingachgook takes revenge by killing Magua. Cora and Hawkeye do not continue their relationship in the aftermath.4
  • Births: James Hawkins (February 17)




  • On Krypton, Val-El is executed for treason due to his sedition against the theocracy. The El family, a noble clan, is stripped of its name and rank. The execution is attended by Val-El's son Ter-El, daughter-in-law Charys, and grandson Seg-El (9).6


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